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Service for International Patients


Claudia Knöppel

+49 351 458-2036  +49 351 458-7333


Alexander Dachsel

+49 351 458-5451  +49 351 458-7333 

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Tatjana Neumann

+49 351 458-7434  +49 351 458-7333 

Dear Patients

It is always a difficult decision to seek medical help in other countries. You need to consider options and cost and plan your travels. There are always uncertainties how you will manage in the foreign place, cope with doctors and nurses and how the medical situation will turn out. In 2004, we established this office with the intention to help foreign patients to feel welcome and safe in our hospital. We want to be there for you for any questions, which might occur before your arrival, during your stay and later on, when you have left our hospital. The staff of our office will give good and quick advise. And should we not know the answer right away, we will use our network in and outside the university hospital to find a solution for your question.

Just drop us an email or call us.

What we do in detail is:

  • answer your email or telephone request, give first advice and check your medical documents
  • get in touch with the clinics and specialists to retrieve their medical opinion and recommendation
  • prepare a detailed and overall cost estimate for you to plan financial arrangements
  • write an invitation letter to your embassy or consulate to support your visa application
  • support your efforts to find an accommodation
  • be there for your request in person in our office.
  • arrange for special cultural backgrounds and religious needs
  • organize interpretation services (outside interpreters to be paid by the Patient)
  • prepare your comprehensive bill (it takes up to 4 weeks) and organize money transfers after your stay

If you need anything else, please ask

We wish you a pleasant stay and get well soon!