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Tumor board and second opinionTumorboard UKD

Tumor board and second opinion

In many cases for optimal treatment you need experts of different fields to look at it. At the University Hospital Dresden some of the best doctors come together - sometimes also with external colleagues - to carefully assess more complex cases.

Tumor board
When you choose to have your case reviewed on the tumor board you make sure to have different experts looking at your files and discuss various options. That way you gain access to the best possible treatment.
For using the tumor board we charge 1.300€ in advance. Refunds are possible in cases where a quick decision can be made.

Get a second opinion
Second opinions are not restricted to cases of cancer but are open to other medical conditions as well. Please check our Centers of Excellence who may be the right expert for you. If you want our doctors to prepare your treatment in Dresden or just want a second opinion, it helps a lot if you share all the data you have. Please note the Formalities. Ask us at International Office if you want help. 

If you are interested in a tumor board or a second opinion, it is always best to let us know what exactly you are looking for. Do you want surgery? Are you trying to avoid surgery? Do you know what your treatment should be, but it's not available where you live? Do you want the doctors to decide and recommend something? When you openly tell us we make sure to meet your expectations.

Please provide us with your personal data when inquiring:
Surname, first name
Date of birth
Passport number
Postal address
contact data (E-Mail / Phone number)

Also include medical information you have on your condition!
Any diagnosis, lab results, X-ray images and so on should be available to us. Where applicable with a translation into German or English. So please send us existing surgery reports, histology, prior treatment and medication (especially details on chemo therapy), results of genetic analysis and so on. If there is no doctors note on your medical history you can write us a summary yourself. When you have gathered all that files you may send them to us via Web Services like WeTransfer or upload them to a cloud storage like DropBox / Google Drive.

Interview as an example: One of our experts, Prof. Weitz of Visceral-, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, explains what his department can do to treat cancer that has spread to the liver. He emphasizes the importance of an experienced surgeon and second opinions to make the right choice. You can choose subtitles in different languages (generated by Youtube).