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Throughout your stay here at the hospital, while you receive first-class medical treatment, our medical, nursing and service staff give their best to make your time as pleasant as possible.

Patient Service

The service for international patients helps you in all questions of organizational and financial arrangements. We speak German, English and Russian fluently and make arrangements for translation or interpreting services in many languages whenever necessary (outside translaters and interpreters to be paid by the patient). Please give us a call if you need us:

Ms. Claudia Knöppel +49 351 458-2036
Mr. Alexander Dachsel +49 351 458-5451
Ms. Yuliya Vynokur +49 351 458-7434

Directions, Travel Information

You can find maps and information on the Hospital premises here. See this page for detailed directions using public transport.

For general information on travelling to Dresden, please visit the following websites:



Public Transport

Chauffeur Service / Taxi

Ambulance Car pick-up

A transport of sick people by ambulance car with or without an on-board doctor directly from tarmac, including passport control right at the plane, is possible if announced a few days before landing, provided sufficient funds have been transferred beforehand. Flight number and arrival time need to be sent in. The ambulance cars are operated by the City of Dresden. The cost will be billed in addition to the medical services.


The hospital catering service is able to provide you with a wide selection of tasty food and beverages. Please let us know if you require a special kind of food according your religious needs or medical indication.

The Caruso Restaurant in building 22 in the middle of the campus offers lunch, a salad bar, desserts, coffee and in summer even ice cream for guests, patients and employees. Several cafeterias are located in the buildings.

Bedside Telephone and Internet access

All our bedside telephones allow incoming and outgoing calls. Numbers in Germany can be called free of charge. International calls need to be directed through central patients admission (dial internal 2925). There is free WiFi at Dresden University Hospital. When you stay longer as in-patient you get a personal access.

Religious needs

The ecumenical center of pastoral care (building 50) is open for you throughout your entire stay. Our protestant and catholic pastors are specially educated to make empathetic contact with patients and support the healing process hand in hand with all other medical professionals involved. Of course, doors are open to members of all religions.

If you would like to talk to a representative of other religious groups, we can gladly provide you with addresses of the regional Islamic Centre (Sunni), the Russian-Orthodox and the Jewish fold.

News Agents

The news agent on campus offers a wide range of newspapers and other articles of daily use. You can choose from regional and national german newspapers and a selection of foreign language newspapers. For a complete list of available international media or special requests, please feel free to ask us anytime.

The university hospital library holds a wide variety of books and magazines. We gladly assist you with choices from our library or with ordering foreign language books from the local bookstore.

The news agent also sells stamps for your letters, tickets for public transport, and many more articles of daily use, such as sanitary products, beverages, sweets or greeting cards. A mailbox can be found near the main entrance.


Our security staff maintains order and security around the clock. The office is situated at the main gate Fiedlerstraße (internal phone no. 2019)

Hairdresser and Footcare

We gladly arrange appointments for you at the hairdresser’s and footcare, which is situated in the immediate vicinity of the hospital.

Bank, Money Withdrawal

The ATM/Cash Machine at the main reception desk in building 76 is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. Branch banks can be found just outside the campus. If you need help in bank or currency issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Arts & Culture

Enjoy opera, ballet and concert in the famous Semper Opera.

Visit the theatre in the Schauspielhaus or the operetta. In summer, the Felsenbühne Rathen shows open-air spectacles before a fantastic scenic backdrop of rocks and cliffs. Also a summer highlight are the open-air concerts in the Zwinger.

The Kulturpalast offers a portfolio of concerts, shows and events of national and international stars and artists.

Pop Concerts of international stars canbe attended in the Alter Schlachthof, a former slaughterhouse.

In Carte Blanche you can enjoy a Travesty Show with international guests.

Sports to watch

If you want enjoy live sports look for the following:

Football Dynamo Dresden - many times GDR-league champion in the new built Stadium, today playing in the second tier league , Zweite Bundeliga - RB Leipzig  recently advanced to the Bundesliga. You can see them play home matches against well known german Clubs and European opponents in the Champions League in their Leipzig home field.

Horse RacingDresdner Rennverein 1890 e.V. - traditional turf club in Dresden-Seidnitz

Volleyball Ladies with DSC Volleyball- watch the internationally successfull Women Volleyball Team.

American FootballDresden Monarchs - American Football Team playing in the First German league

BaseballDresden Dukes

Rugby & Cricket Dresden Hillbillies


Don't miss the major highlights of a Dresden visit such as the newly rebuilt Frauenkirche, the Royal Festival ground of the Zwinger with its's museums  (Green Vault, Paintings, Armoury, Natural History, Porcellain), and the Semper Opera House.

To be mentioned is the Turkish Chamber a rare collection of Ottaman items.

Plunge into the bustling life on squares and main roads as the Prager Strasse to find nice things to take home. Shopping opportunities are CentrumGallerie, Altmarkt Gallerie , and Karstadt, Thalia bookstore to mention only few.

Afterwards enjoy on quiet green places such the meadow banks of the river. You find some bars there too or take a walk throught the Großer Garten park, the former hunting ground of the kings. 

If you have more time on your hands be sure to plan trips to the palaces of Pillnitz and Moritzburg or to towns which kept their medieval face like Pirna and Meissen with it's famous porcellain factory.

To see Dresden off the beaten track, mark the following sights:

Dresden-Hellerau: A progressive, organic garden town, designed in 1909 with beautiful small houses and gardens, the 1907 Hellerau Furniture Reformdesign Workshop and the Festival House connected to names like Dalcroze, Palucca and Wigman.

Dresden-Albertstadt: A vast garrison complex of the former Royal Saxon Military and memorials of the industrial age, now used by the main German Military Museum, start-up companies and other.

Dresden Friedrichstadt: If you walk down the Friedrichstrasse outbound you first see the Yenidze Tobacco Factory - a mosque shaped factory, formerly the landmark of Dresden as it was the centre of tobacco industry in Germany, you pass along the Friedrichstadt-hospital, the former Marcolini Palais, where Napoleon resided while in Dresden. There is a beautiful park. Further on you see the impressive building of the Dresden Mills.

Weißer Hirsch & Loschwitz: If you love fantastic villas once and now owned by international and local people of rank and reputation, take a random walk through the Weißer Hirsch quarter. On your way up there by tram you pass the place where Vladimir Putin worked as an officer in Dresden. On your way down, take one of the cables cars down to Dresden Loschwitz which offers cafés and nice houses too.

Modern architecture: The baroque city has received a lot of modern new buildings worth visiting in recent years. As a traveller by train or plane, you might have seen already the textile roof of the Main Station designed by Sir Norman Forster. It has received the Brunel Award. The new Airport Terminal was built into a former plane construction hangar and merges old industrial and modern service design. The renowned shopping street Prager Straße, rebuilt after the damages of WWII in GDR-style has been completely refurbished recently in modern style. Part of the street are the Crystal Palace Cinema and the CentrumGallerie Mall with it's characteristic aluminium comb facade.

Other things to do

Steamboat trips operated by the Weisse Flotte  up and down the river Elbe to see amazing sights as the impressive Saxon Switzerland, with the Koenigstein fortress, the Kings' festival palace in Pillnitz, the blue steel bridge Blaues Wunder, the whole Dresden skyline and downriver to the wine hills of Radebeul and the hilltop castle and cathedral in Meissen.

Ballooning by Ballonfahrten Dresden to see everything from a higher perspective

See horses in the Moritzburg stables .

Have a guided tour through the production lines of the Volkswagen Transparent Factory and see how electric cars are built and how new technical solutions might change the future of driving.

Open-air Summer Cinema at the Filmnächte am Elbufer, mostly German dubbed, rarely original with subtitles. But you enjoy a unique scenery and can improve your German language skills.

If you miss something or in case you are not satisfied with the service please let us know.