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Check ups

The University Hospital Dresden offers extensive check ups - personalised according to your medical needs and wishes.

Come to our Internal Medicine Department III (MK3) for three days up to a week.

Head of Internal Medicine Dept. III: Prof. Bornstein
Get a hospital bed in a single room - or double room if you want to bring a companion. You can use all our experience and high end technology for diagnostics. One of our professors will welcome you and have an entry talk with you about all procedures planned and your health status so far. You can have a check up of basically all your body functions: blood count, ECG, liver function, tumor markers, fitness test, digestive tract lab, imaging (MRI, CT scan, sonography...) and you name it.

If interdisciplinary counsil is appropriate, our senior doctors will get together with their respective colleagues. Plan ahead which experts you want to consult - like Gynecology, Urology, Dermatology etc. - please refer to Centers of Excellence. That way we can arrange the time tables accordingly.

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden is a specialised center for endocrinology and rare diseases, so we can often help in cases where other doctors can't find a clear diagnosis. In such cases a check up at Internal Medicine Department III might be the right choice, too.

After the procedures a senior doctor or one of the professors will evaluate the results with you. You get medical advice and - if indicated - a treatment plan.

The prices for your personal check up vary according to your booked services, diagnosis and length of stay. Since you are no regular patient during your stay, you are free to leave and stay at a hotel over night - if you prefer that over a hospital bed - or spend some leisure time in the city of Dresden and it's beautiful sourroundings. (please note current regulations in times of Corona Pandemic that may make it more difficult to switch between hospital and hotel)