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Service for International Patients

Our service for international patients at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden stands for individual support and complete help from the very first time you ask us for information, during your stay, until leaving our hospital to return back home. We offer a wide range of services for foreign patients and their families to assist you with all aspects of your stay at our hospital and to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Our Services:

  • Establish contact with our medical departments for consultation, diagnosis and medical treatment
  • Preparation of detailed cost estimates
  • Assistance with visa and travel arrengements
  • Arrangement of paperwork with relevant institutions such as embassies, donors, administration, and care providers
  • Arrangements for special cultural backgrounds and religious needs
  • Provide comfort services such as telephone , internet access, media availability, security
  • interpretation services
  • cultural recreation outside the hospital

…and much more

We wish you a pleasant stay and get well soon!


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