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passports.jpgDear Patient,

we thank you for considering a treatment at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden. Prior to taking advantage of our state-of-the-art medical care there are some formal necessities to be taken note of. The following five steps will guide you through the process of hospital admission.

Step 1)
In order to find the appropriate hospital specialist for your concern, it is necessary to have as much information about your medical history, prior treatments and your special needs as possible - available, when you or your agent gets in touch with us. Please send us images, if possible. MRI and CT images should be in DICOM-format. This can be done by sending over a link for cloud server storage.

Please also tell us ,what you expect from us, so we can work according your wishes.

Step 2)
Provided that the doctor has agreed on a treatment, we will send you a detailed cost estimate based on the available information. This would also be the right time to let us know whether you are planning to bring any accompanying persons with you.
Our detailed cost estimate also informs you about circumstances that could cause an increase of the amount stated, e.g. when unforeseen complications appear or services of a third party company are necessary. For special arrengements, e.g. contractually guaranteed senior physician treatment, special eligibility contracts can be provided. Our Hospital is very much asked for, so we cannot guarantee the provision of a single room.

Step 3)
Before your arrival, you are obliged to transfer an advance payment on our account, which is stated on the detailed cost estimate.
You will receive a written confirmation about your admission date and cost estimate, which is a prerequisite to receive your visa from the responsible authority. Meanwhile, we prepare your arrival in Dresden and are looking forward to you.

Step 4)
Throughout your stay at the University Hospital Dresden, we welcome you to take advantage of our assistance anytime.

Step 5)
After your treatment we will calculate all expenses based on the actual cost and you receive a detailed invoice. When many clinics are involved that may take up to four weeks. If your advance payment exceeds the actual expenses, the remaining amount will be transferred back to your account. Outstanding demands need to be balanced when receiving the final invoice.

Additional Information

In case of child birth at our hospital we have to meet some bureaucratic demands. Please find the document for your language here (scroll down): Geburtsurkunde.

If your visa expires soon, please make an appointment at the Ausländerbehörde (Dresden, Theaterstr. 11 - 15), that helps to avoid problems that might occur when you exceed the valid date. Be reminded that you need new photographs. Proof of an international health insurance may be required. Other documents can be arranged by us - for example that your treatment here is necessary or that your payment is organised with us.


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