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Dr. Arne Jahn

Facharzt für Humangenetik

  • Leiter der Forschungsgruppe "Genetische Tumorrisikosyndrome"

0351 458-14278   

Academic research and clinical appointments

2020Head of the junior group "Genetic Tumor Risk Syndromes" at the NCT Dresden
2020 - 2021Clinician Scientist Program within the framework of the Else-Kröner Research College at the TU Dresden
2019 - 2020Resident in Translational Medical Oncology (Prof. Hanno Glimm) at the NCT Dresden: participation in the MASTER program
2016 - 2019Resident at the Institute of Clinical Genetics at the TU Dresden (Prof. Evelin Schröck), Teaching Coordinator
2011 - 2018Medical thesis in the group "Medical Systems Biology" of Prof. Frank Buchholz at the TUD: Characterization of ZBTB48, a novel telomere-binding protein, overall grade "summa cum laude"
2010 - 2015

Advanced studies of human medicine at the TUD,
2nd and 3rd State Examination


2019 - 2020Clinician Scientist Program within the framework of the Else-Kröner Forschungskolleg at the TU Dresden for the project: Investigation of the clinical relevance of ZBTB48 in neuroblastomas.
2012 - 2013Full time research Mildred-Scheel doctoral scholarship of the German Cancer Aid
2008 - 2015Full scholarship of the German National Merit Foundation


2019Carl-Gustav-Carus Award of the Foundation of the University Medicine Dresden and the Association of Sponsors of the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Dresden for the dissertation