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Publikationen Toni Lange, M.Sc., MPH

Publikationen in Peer Review Journals (Stand: Oktober 2020)


Callhoff, J., Albrecht, K., Redeker, I., Lange, T., Goronzy, J., Günther, K.P., Zink, A., Schmitt, J., Saam, J., Postler, A. (2020)
Disease Burden of Patients With Osteoarthritis: Results of a Cross-Sectional Survey Linked to Claims Data.
Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken) 72(2): 193-200.

Lange, T., Kopkow, C., Lutzner, J., Gunther, K.P., Gravius, S., Scharf, H.P., Stove, J., Wagner, R., Schmitt, J. (2020)
Comparison of different rating scales for the use in Delphi studies: different scales lead to different consensus and show different test-retest reliability.
BMC Med Res Methodol 20(1): 28.

Lange, T., Kottner, J., Weberschock, T., Hahnel, E., Apfelbacher, C., Brandstetter, S., Dreher, A., Datzmann, T., Burden-Teh, E., Rogers, N.K., Spuls, P., Grainge, M.J., Jacobi, L., Williams, H.C., Schmitt, J. (2020)
Outcome assessment in dermatology clinical trials and cochrane reviews: call for a dermatology-specific outcome taxonomy.
J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol (Online ahead of print)

Lange, T., Schwarzer, G., Datzmann, T., Binder, H. (2020)
Machine learning for identifying relevant publications in updates of systematic reviews of diagnostic test studies. medRxiv 2020.06.16.20132670.

Postler, A., Goronzy, J., Günther, K.P., Lange, T., Redeker, I., Schmitt, J., Zink, A., Callhoff, J. (2020)
Which disease-related factors influence patients' and physicians' willingness to consider joint replacement in hip and knee OA? Results of a questionnaire survey linked to claims data.
BMC Musculoskelet Disord 21(1): 352.

Schmitt, J., Kottner, J., Lange, T. (2020)
Controversy and Debate Series on Core Outcome Sets. Paper 6: Improving the generalizability, credibility and implementation of core outcome sets - the example of the Cochrane Skin-Core Outcome Set Initiative (CS-COUSIN).
J Clin Epidemiol 125: 229-231.


Schmitt, J., Lange, T., Kottner, J., Prinsen, C.A.C., Weberschock, T., Hahnel, E., Apfelbacher, C., Brandstetter, S., Dreher, A., Stevens, G., Burden-Teh, E., Rogers, N., Spuls, P., Grainge, M.J., Williams, H.C., Jacobi, L., Cochrane Skin Core Outcome Set Initiative (2019)
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J Invest Dermatol 139(5): 1045-1053.

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Delphi procedure in core outcome set development: rating scale and consensus criteria determined outcome selection.
J Clin Epidemiol 111: 23-31.


Lange, T., Luque Ramos, A., Albrecht, K., Gunther, K.P., Jacobs, H., Schmitt, J., Hoffmann, F., Goronzy, J., Postler, A. (2018)
[Prescription frequency of physical therapy and analgesics before total hip and knee arthroplasy : An epidemiological analysis of routine health care data from Germany].
Der Orthopäde 47(12): 1015-1023.

Lützner, C., Lange, T., Lützner, J. (2018)
Grundlagen patientenberichteter Ergebnisse (Patient-reported Outcome – PRO).
Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie up2date 12(02): 199-214.

Lützner, J., Lange, T., Schmitt, J., Kopkow, C., Aringer, M., Dgrh, Böhle, E., Zvk, Bork, H., Dgou, Dreinhöfer, K., Dnvf, Friederich, N., Deutsche Arthrose-Hilfe e, V., Gravius, S., Dgooc, Heller, K.D., Bvou, Hube, R., Dkg, Gromnica-Ihle, E., Deutsche Rheuma-Liga Bundesverband e, V., Kirschner, S., Ae, Kladny, B., Dgou, Kremer, M., Dgu, Linke, M., Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Medizinische, P., Malzahn, J., Bundesverband, A.O.K., Sabatowski, R., Deutsche Schmerzgesellschaft e, V., Scharf, H.P., Stove, J., Wagner, R., Dgorh, Günther, K.P. (2018)
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Der Orthopäde 47(9): 777-781.

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Clin Interv Aging 13: 2339-2349.

Van den Bussche, K., Kottner, J., Beele, H., De Meyer, D., Dunk, A.M., Ersser, S., Lange, T., Petrovic, M., Schoonhoven, L., Smet, S., Van Damme, N., Verhaeghe, S., Van Hecke, A., Beeckman, D. (2018)
Core outcome domains in incontinence-associated dermatitis research.
J Adv Nurs 74(7): 1605-1617.


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EKIT geht in die nächste Runde.
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Lützner, C., Lange, T., Lützner, J. (2017)
Grundlagen patientenberichteter Ergebnisse (Patient-reported Outcome – PRO).
Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie up2date 12(06): 661-676.

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Versorgungsforschung in der Physiotherapie: systematisch aufbauen und synergetisch (weiter)entwickeln.
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