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Publikationen Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Datzmann, Dipl.-Biol.

Publikationen in Peer Review Journals (Stand: Oktober 2020)


Georgi, U., Lämmel, J., Datzmann, T., Schmitt, J., Deckert, S. (2020)
Do drug-related safety warnings have the expected impact on drug therapy? A systematic review. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 29(3): 229-251.

Lange, T., Kottner, J., Weberschock, T., Hahnel, E., Apfelbacher, C., Brandstetter, S., Dreher, A., Datzmann, T., Burden-Teh, E., Rogers, N.K., Spuls, P., Grainge, M.J., Jacobi, L., Williams, H.C., Schmitt, J. (2020)
Outcome assessment in dermatology clinical trials and cochrane reviews: call for a dermatology-specific outcome taxonomy.
J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol (Online ahead of print)

Lange, T., Schwarzer, G., Datzmann, T., Binder, H. (2020)
Machine learning for identifying relevant publications in updates of systematic reviews of diagnostic test studies.
medRxiv: 2020.06.16.20132670.


Datzmann, T., Fuchs, S., Andree, D., Hohenstein, B., Schmitt, J., Schindler, C. (2019)
Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled clinical trial evidence refutes relationship between pharmacotherapy with angiotensin-receptor blockers and an increased risk of cancer.
Eur J Intern Med 64:1-9


Datzmann, T., Markevych, I., Trautmann, F., Heinrich, J., Schmitt, J., Tesch, F. (2018)
Outdoor air pollution, green space, and cancer incidence in Saxony: a semi-individual cohort study.
BMC Public Health 18(1): 715.

Datzmann, T., Trautmann, F., Tesch, F., Mies, A., Hofbauer, L.C., Platzbecker, U., Schmitt, J. (2018)
Associations of myeloid hematological diseases of the elderly with osteoporosis: A longitudinal analysis of routine health care data.
Leukemia Research 69: 81-86.

Markevych, I., Tesch, F., Datzmann, T., Romanos, M., Schmitt, J., Heinrich, J. (2018)
Outdoor air pollution, greenspace, and incidence of ADHD: A semi-individual study.
Science of The Total Environment 642: 1362-1368.