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Publikationen Gabriele Müller

Publikationen in Peer Review Journals (Stand: Dezember 2020)


Loewenbrück, K. F., Stein, D. B., Amelung, V. E., Bitterlich, R., Brumme, M., Falkenburger, B., Fehre, A., Feige, T., Frank, A., Gisske, C., Helmert, C., Kerkemeyer, L., Knapp, A., Lang, C., Leuner, A., Lummer, C., Minkman, M. M. N., Müller, G., van Munster, M., Schlieter, H., Themann, P., Zonneveld, N., Wolz, M. (2020).
Parkinson Network Eastern Saxony (PANOS): Reaching Consensus for a Regional Intersectoral Integrated Care Concept for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease in the Region of Eastern Saxony, Germany.
Journal of Clinical Medicine, 9(9), 2906.

March, S., Andrich, S., Drepper, J., Horenkamp-Sonntag, D., Icks, A., Ihle, P., Kieschke, J., Kollhorst, B., Maier, B., Meyer, I., Müller, G., Ohlmeier, C., Peschke, D., Richter, A., Rosenbusch, M. L., Scholten, N., Schulz, M., Stallmann, C., Swart, E., Wobbe-Ribinski, S., Wolter, A., Zeidler, J., Hoffmann, F. (2020).
Good Practice Data Linkage (GPD): A Translation of the German Version.
Int J Environ Res Public Health, 17(21), 7852.

Mense, L., Birdir, C., Reichert, J., Schleussner, E., Proquitte, H., Schmitt, J., Müller, G., Rüdiger, M. (2020).
Intrauterine Wachstumsrestriktion: Transsektorale, interdisziplinare und multiprofessionelle Betreuung von Schwangeren und Neugeborenen im Feto-Neonat-Pfad: Ein Projekt des Innovationsfonds. [Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Transsectoral, Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Care for Pregnant Women and Newborns in a Feto-neonatal Pathway: A Project of the Innovationsfonds].
Z Geburtshilfe Neonatol, 224(1), 15-21.


March, S., Andrich, S., Drepper, J., Horenkamp-Sonntag, D., Icks, A., Ihle, P., Kieschke, J., Kollhorst, B., Maier, B., Meyer, I., Müller, G., Ohlmeier, C., Peschke, D., Richter, A., Rosenbusch, M. L., Scholten, N., Schulz, M., Stallmann, C., Swart, E., Wobbe-Ribinski, S., Wolter, A., Zeidler, J., Hoffmann, F. (2019).
Gute Praxis Datenlinkage (GPD). [Good Practice Data Linkage].
Gesundheitswesen, 81(8-09), 636-650.

Schatz, U., Fischer, S., Müller, G., Tselmin, S., Birkenfeld, A. L., Julius, U., Marz, W. Bornstein, S. R. (2019).
Cardiovascular risk factors in patients with premature cardiovascular events attending the University of Dresden Lipid Clinic.
Atheroscler Suppl, 40, 94-99.


March, S., Antoni, M., Kieschke, J., Kollhorst, B., Maier, B., Müller, G., Sariyar, M., Schulz, M., Enno, S., Zeidler, J., Hoffmann, F. (2018)
[Quo Vadis Data Linkage in Germany? An Initial Inventory].
Gesundheitswesen 80(3): e20-e31.

Riemenschneider, H., Saha, S., van den Broucke, S., Maindal, H.T., Doyle, G., Levin-Zamir, D., Muller, I., Ganahl, K., Sørensen, K., Chang, P., Schillinger, D., Schwarz, P.E.H., Müller, G. (2018)
State of Diabetes Self-Management Education in the European Union Member States and Non-EU Countries: The Diabetes Literacy Project.
Journal of Diabetes Research 2018: 1467171.


von Bibra, H., Saha, S., Hapfelmeier, A., Müller, G., Schwarz, P.E.H. (2017)
Impact of the Triglyceride/High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Ratio and the Hypertriglyceremic-Waist Phenotype to Predict the Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance.
Horm Metab Res 49(7): 542-549.

Bluth, T., Teichmann, R., Kiss, T., Bobek, I., Canet, J., Cinnella, G., De Baerdemaeker, L., Gregoretti, C., Hedenstierna, G., Hemmes, S.N., Hiesmayr, M., Hollmann, M.W., Jaber, S., Laffey, J.G., Licker, M.J., Markstaller, K., Matot, I., Müller, G., Mills, G.H., Mulier, J.P., Putensen, C., Rossaint, R., Schmitt, J., Senturk, M., Serpa Neto, A., Severgnini, P., Sprung, J., Vidal Melo, M.F., Wrigge, H., Schultz, M.J., Pelosi, P., Gama de Abreu, M., for the PROBESE investigators, and the PROtective VEntilation Network (PROVEnet) and on behalf of the Clinical Trial Network of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) (2017)
Protective intraoperative ventilation with higher versus lower levels of positive end-expiratory pressure in obese patients (PROBESE): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
Trials 18(1): 202.

Doyle, G., O'Donnell, S., Quigley, E., Cullen, K., Gibney, S., Levin-Zamir, D., Ganahl, K., Müller, G., Muller, I., Maindal, H.T., Chang, W.P., Van Den Broucke, S. (2017)
Patient level cost of diabetes self-management education programmes: an international evaluation.
BMJ Open 7(5): e013805.

Muller, I., Rowsell, A., Stuart, B., Hayter, V., Little, P., Ganahl, K., Müller, G., Doyle, G., Chang, P., Lyles, C.R., Nutbeam, D., Yardley, L. (2017)
Effects on Engagement and Health Literacy Outcomes of Web-Based Materials Promoting Physical Activity in People With Diabetes: An International Randomized Trial.
J Med Internet Res 19(1): e21.

Saha, S., Riemenschneider, H., Müller, G., Levin-Zamir, D., Van den Broucke, S., Schwarz, P.E.H. (2017)
Comparative analysis of diabetes self-management education programs in the European Union Member States.
Prim Care Diabetes 11(6): 529-537.

Schatz, U., Tselmin, S., Müller, G., Julius, U., Hohenstein, B., Fischer, S., Bornstein, S.R. (2017)
Most significant reduction of cardiovascular events in patients undergoing lipoproteinapheresis due to raised Lp(a) levels - A multicenter observational study.
Atheroscler Suppl 30: 246-252.

Tselmin, S., Müller, G., Schatz, U., Julius, U., Bornstein, S.R., Hohenstein, B. (2017)
Kinetics of Lipoprotein(a) in patients undergoing weekly lipoprotein apheresis for Lp(a) hyperlipoproteinemia.
Atheroscler Suppl 30: 209-216.

Wheeler E, Leong A, Liu CT et al. (2017)
Impact of common genetic determinants of Hemoglobin A1c on type 2 diabetes risk and diagnosis in ancestrally diverse populations: A transethnic genome-wide meta-analysis.
PLoS Med 14(9):e1002383.
* Müller G Autor-Nr. 100


Ehret, G.B., Ferreira, T., Chasman, D.I., et al. (2016)
The genetics of blood pressure regulation and its target organs from association studies in 342,415 individuals.
Nat Genet 48(10): 1171-1184.
* Müller G Autor-Nr. 100

Ried, J.S., Jeff, M.J., Chu, A.Y., et al. (2016)
A principal component meta-analysis on multiple anthropometric traits identifies novel loci for body shape.
Nat Commun 7: 13357.
* Müller G Autor-Nr. 150

Winkler, T.W., Justice, A.E., Graff, M., et al. (2016)
Correction: The Influence of Age and Sex on Genetic Associations with Adult Body Size and Shape: A Large-Scale Genome-Wide Interaction Study.
PLoS Genet 12(6): e1006166.

* Müller G Autor-Nr. 79


Müller, G., Olschewski, J., Stange, T., Hjellset, V.T., Bornstein, S., Schwarz, P.E. (2015)
Non-invasive screening of diabetes risk by assessing abnormalities of sudomotor function.
Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes 123(1): 34-8.

Locke, A.E., Kahali, B., Berndt, S.I., et al. (2015)
Genetic studies of body mass index yield new insights for obesity biology.
Nature 518(7538): 197-206.
* Müller G Autor-Nr. 168

Rowsell, A., Muller, I., Murray, E., Little, P., Byrne, C.D., Ganahl, K., Müller, G., Gibney, S., Lyles, C.R., Lucas, A., Nutbeam, D., Yardley, L. (2015)
Views of People With High and Low Levels of Health Literacy About a Digital Intervention to Promote Physical Activity for Diabetes: A Qualitative Study in Five Countries.
J Med Internet Res 17(10): e230.

Shungin, D., Winkler, T.W., Croteau-Chonka, D.C., et al. (2015)
New genetic loci link adipose and insulin biology to body fat distribution.
Nature 518(7538): 187-196.
* Müller G Autor-Nr. 142

Pers TH, Karjalainen JM, Chan Y, Westra HJ, Wood AR, Yang J, Lui JC, Vedantam S, Gustafsson S, Esko T, Frayling T, Speliotes EK; Genetic Investigation of ANthropometric Traits (GIANT) Consortium, Boehnke M, Raychaudhuri S, Fehrmann RS, Hirschhorn JN, Franke L.  + 444 Collaborators (2015)
Biological interpretation of genome-wide association studies using predicted gene functions
Nat Commun 6:5890.
* Müller G Autor-Nr. 188