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Publikationen Doreen Siegels, B.Sc.


„TIDILAP: Treatment of iron deficiency in lipoprotein apheresis patients - A prospective observational multi-center cohort study comparing efficacy, safety and tolerability of ferric gluconate with ferric carboxymaltose” (U. Schatz , B.M.W. Illigens , T. Siepmann , B. Arneth , G. Siegert , D. Siegels ,F. Heigl , R. Hettich , W. Ramlow , H. Prophet , S.R. Bornstein , U. Julius - Atherosclerosis Supplements 18 (2015) 199-208)



„Iron deficiency and its management in patients undergoing Lipoprotein apheresis. Comparison of two parenteral iron formulations” (U. Schatz, B. Arneth, G. Siegert, S. Fischer, U. Julius, S. R. Bornstein, D. Siegels – Atherosclerosis Supplements 14 (2013) 115-122)