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Center for Evidence-Based Healthcare

For good reasons Health services research is gaining more and more attention in the field of medicine, since the health care systems of Germany and  other industrialized nations is facing increasing challenges.

Demographic change leads to an rising number of individuals in need for more sophisticated medical care. At the same time new and costly treatment options become available. However, adequate care for individuals with severe and chronic diseases and to enable them to participate in every-day life is consuming a substantial amount of societal resources.

It is a matter of responsibility, to optimize resource allocation to the best interest of the individual patient as well as with consideration of costs and benefits for society. In order to achieve this goal, we need patient orientated and evidence based concepts of care, which are based on reliable data and applicable in routine care.

An interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial approach is therefore essential. The term value-based health care has internationally been established to describe concepts of health care that focus on the patient needs and the quality of treatment outcomes. Variability of patient characteristics and preferences should receive special attention in this context (concept of precision medicine). Both concepts will become the core of a successful development of the German health care system.

In addition to established study designs new methods of research are necessary, which consider variability and individuality of patients as well as the use of Big Data gathered in routine care. In this context, is has become vital to develop and establish reliable and feasible research methods that allow to investigate, evaluate and ensure quality of medical care.


Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Schmitt, MPH
Director of the Center for Evidence-based Healthcare
University hospital Carl Gustav Carus an der TU Dresden

or: Kathleen Busch
Tel.: 0351 458-6493

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Center for Evidence-based Healthcare
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