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Publikationen Dipl.-Phys. Martin Seifert

Publikationen in Peer Review Journals (Stand: Juli 2019)


Petzold, T., Neumann, A., Seifert, M., Kuster, D., Pfennig, A., Weiss, J., Hackl, D., Swart, E., Schmitt, J. (2019)
[Identification of Control Hospitals for the Implementation of the Nationwide and Standardized Evaluation of Model Projects According to section sign 64b SGB V: Analysis of Data from Structured Quality Reports].
Gesundheitswesen 81(1): 63-71.


Neumann, A., Swart, E., Hackl, D., Kliemt, R., March, S., Kuester, D., Arnold, K., Petzold, T., Baum, F., Seifert, M., Weiss, J., Pfennig, A., Schmitt, J. (2018)
The influence of cross-sectoral treatment models on patients with mental disorders in Germany: study protocol of a nationwide long-term evaluation study (EVA64).
BMC Psychiatry 18(1): 139.


Rothe U, Müller G, Schwarz PEH, Seifert M, Kunath H, Koch R, Bergmann S, Julius U, Bornstein SR, Hanefeld M, Schulze J (2008) 
Evaluation of a diabetes management system based on practice guidelines, integrated care, and continuous quality management in a Federal State of Germany: a population-based approach to health care research. 
Diabetes care 31(5):863-8.