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Experimentelle Hämatologie


– scientific lab manager
– clinical counselor

cand. med. Tobias Neidel
Katrin Navratiel (MTA)

Research Focus:

  • Regulation of the immune response by plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDC)

Autoimmune diseases and allergies present an enormous burden for patients and public health care systems. The pathophysiology of the excessive immune response either to self antigens or to harmless environmental agents starts with a loss of tolerance mediated by dendritic cells that present antigens to naïve T cells. Here, a special type of dendritic cells – the so called plasmacytoid dendritic cells – exerts both protective and pathogenic functions.
These at first sight contradictory properties of pDCs can be explained by a novel and fundamental finding. We utilize the functional expression of the low affinity neurotrophin receptor p75NTR on human and murine pDCs in a bidirectional manner to control the immune function of pDCs itself and of downstream effector cells, the outcome of an allergic asthma and a graft-versus-host reaction (GvHD), as well as the onset of an autoimmune diabetes type I (T1D) in mice.

  • Hematopoietic stem cell migration and differentiation

Homing of hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) is thought to be a multi-step process, which is initiated by chemotactic movements through the endothelium and extracellular matrix (ECM) to the endosteal space of the bone marrow, followed by tight adhesion and proliferation of these cells in the bone marrow niche. Normal and leukemic HSC express the chemokine receptor CXCR4 and migrate towards a SDF-1 gradient into the bone marrow niche. SDF-1/CXCR4 has been proposed to function in HSC adhesion and migration by activating the expression of adhesive molecules of the integrin family.

  • Red blood cell development and differentiation

Erythropoiesis represents a tightly-regulated and complex process originating in the bone marrow from a multipotent stem cell and terminating in a mature, enucleated red blood cell (RBCs). RBCs play an essential role in carrying oxygen to tissues. In order to sustain body homeostasis, around 2 million RBCs are produced in human by erythropoiesis every second. Therefore, dysregulation of erythropoiesis and an altered red cell production can result in the development of thalassemia syndromes, inherited bone marrow failure as well as in anemias.
Our group recently discovered a protein, which is specifically expressed in erythropoietic progenitor cells affecting the maturation from reticulocytes to red blood cells. Hence, we aim to elucidate its protein functions in RBC differentiation and maturation and are interested how the protein or its metabolic products affect cellular and physical properties of RBCs.


  • Retroviral based gene transfer in human or murine primary cells
  • Gene silencing by RNAi technology
  • Isolation and transplantation of primary cells and cell lines

Current research projects:

  • Characterization of the Transmembrane protein 56 and its function in erythropoietic stem cell migration and erythropoiesis (DFG; Ralf Wiedemuth)
  • p75, dendritic cells (Dr. Robert-Pfleger Stiftung; Sebastian Thieme)
  • NGF-vermittelte Proteinphosphorylierungen in plasmazytoiden dendritischen Zellen (Else Kröner Stiftung; Benjamin Dorschner)
  • Immunologische Kontrolle der Tumorgenese (Meddrive; Lukas Galow)
  • Einfluss der p75NTR/pDC Achse auf die Pathogenes eines Typ-1-Diabetes (Meddrive; Katja Rüger)
  • pDC-spezifische Modulation von p75NTR im Rahmen der GvHD (Meddrive; Ann-Christin Funke)
  • Steuerung der T-Zellfunktion in der Pathogenese eines Typ-1-Diabetes (Meddrive; Franz Mierke)


Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Thieme
Klinik und Poliklinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin
Labor Klinische Forschung - AG Experimentelle Hämatologie
Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus, TU Dresden
Fetscherstr. 74, 01307 Dresden


Haus 21, 1. UG


0351 458-6885


Stiftung Hochschulmedizin
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Sächsisches Ministerium für Höhere Bildung und Kunst
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Medizinische Fakultät der TU Dresden


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