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Publikationen Thomas Birkner

Publikationen in Peer Review Journals (Stand: April 2022)

Davis, M., Miller, B, Kalsi, J., Birkner, T., and Mathis, M. (2017): Efficient Trial Design — FDA Approval of Valbenazine for Tardive Dyskinesia. New England Journal of Medicine 376(26):2503-2506.

Birkner, T., Aban, I.B., and Katholi, C.R. (2013): Evaluation of a Frequentist Hierarchical Model to Estimate Prevalence when sampling from a large geographic area using Pool Screening. Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods 42:3571-3595.

Aronow, W. S., Rich, M.W., Goodlin, S. J., Birkner, T., Zhang, Y., Feller, M. A., Aban, I. B., Jones, L. G., Bearden, D. M., Allman, R. M., and Ahmed, A. (2012): In-Hospital Cardiology Consultation and Evidence-Based Care for Nursing Home Residents with Heart Failure. JAMDA 13(5):448-52.

Tiwari, H. K., Birkner, T., Moondan, A., Zhang, S., Page, G.P., Patki, A., and Allison, D.B. (2011): Accurate and Flexible Power Calculations on the Spot: Applications to Genomic Research. Statistics and Its Interface 4(3):353-358.