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Prof. Dr. Mario Menschikowski

Group Leader

Research focus

Our research includes the study of epigenetic mechanisms such as DNA methylation in cancer to gain more insight into the regulation of cell growth and proliferation. One motivation of this work is the development of new minimally or non-invasive methods as liquid biopsy for early cancer detection. The focus of our work is the improved diagnosis of prostate and rectal cancer using freely circulating DNA isolated from blood or urine samples and the therapy control in acute leukemia patients. For example, the determination of prostate specific antigen as a screening method for prostate cancer results in a high number of invasive diagnostic tissue biopsies, which are often unnecessary and do not lead to the detection of prostate cancer. Here we are trying to reduce the number of unnecessary tissue biopsies with the help of new biomarkers in liquid biopsy.

Specific expertise

  • Molecular biology
  • Tumor biology
  • Cell signaling
  • Analytical chemistry

Lab Members

Adler, RomyTechnician
Friedemann, MarkusProject Leader
Gutewort, KatharinaMedical student
Horn, FriederikeMedical student
Jandeck, CarstenLab manager
Prof. Dr. Menschikowski, MarioGroup leader
Thiem, DanaMedical student

Selected Publications

  • Sukocheva, O, Menschikowski, M, Hagelgans, A, Yarla, N S, Siegert, G, Reddanna, P and Bishayee, A. Current insights into functions of phospholipase A2 receptor in normal and cancer cells: More questions than answers. Semin Cancer Biol56: 116-127 (2019)
  • Friedemann, M, Nacke, B, Hagelgans, A, Jandeck, C, Bechmann, N, Ullrich, M, Belter, B, Neuber, C, Sukocheva, O, Pietzsch, J and Menschikowski, M. Diverse effects of phospholipase A2 receptor expression on LNCaP and PC-3 prostate cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo. Oncotarget9: 35983-35996 (2018)
  • Menschikowski, M, Jandeck, C, Friedemann, M, Nacke, B, Hantsche, S, Tiebel, O, Sukocheva, O and Hagelgans, A. Identification of rare levels of methylated tumor DNA fragments using an optimized bias based pre-amplification-digital droplet PCR (OBBPA-ddPCR). Oncotarget9: 36137-36150 (2018)
  • Menschikowski, M, Jandeck, C, Friedemann, M, Richter, S, Thiem, D, Lange, B S and Suttorp, M. Identification and Quantification of Heterogeneously-methylated DNA Fragments Using Epiallele-sensitive Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (EAST-ddPCR). Cancer Genomics Proteomics15: 299-312 (2018)
  • Hagelgans, A, Jandeck, C, Friedemann, M, Donchin, A, Richter, S and Menschikowski, M. Identification of CpG Sites of SERPINA5 Promoter with Opposite Methylation Patterns in Benign and Malignant Prostate Cells. Anticancer Res37: 6609-6618 (2017)