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NMR-Spektroskopie (NMR)

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Dr. Alexander Funk

Group Leader


Metabolomics is the characterization of the metabolome. Metabolites are small molecules like amino acids, organic acids. Metabolic measurements via Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy allows high throughput screening of bodyfluids. A wide array of Metabolites can be measured with minimal sample preparation and using a ‘push-button’ analysis for Urine (up to 150 parameters) and Plasma/Serum samples (up to 42 parameters). Additionally, a Lipid-profile panel is available. The automated setup of the NMR at the IKL allows batch preparation of samples, as well as automated acquisition of spectra.

In addition to the analysis of the liquid samples, we are equipped with a probehead for investigations using semi-solid materials. This can include bone marrow, intact tissues from biopsies or even whole cells. Here, a metabolic profile can be created for each sample for direct comparison or simple quantification. Finally, tracer studies using 13C or 15N are also possible.

Specific expertise

  • Large scale studies possible for most biofluids
  • Creation of automated metabolic profiles for Urine and Plasma/Serum
  • Analysis of semi-solid materials


Lab Members

Dr Funk, Alexander Group leader
Jonas, Sophie Technician

Selected Publications

  • Funk, A. M.; Wen, X.; Hever, T.; Maptue, N. R.; Khemtong, C.; Sherry, A. D.; Malloy, C. R. Effects of Deuteration on Transamination and Oxidation of Hyperpolarized C-13-Pyruvate in the Isolated Heart. J. Magn. Reson. 2019, 301, 102–108.
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