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Metabolic Regulation & Cell Function

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Dr. Tiago Cardoso Alves

Group Leader

Research focus

Metabolism is known to have a critical role in the regulation of cellular homeostasis and function. Much of this regulation is dependent on the fate of intracellular metabolites within a tightly interconnected network of reactions. In our lab, we use state-of-the-art technology of metabolic flux analysis to identify the mechanisms regulating the metabolic fate of intracellular metabolites and to understand how they impact cellular function. We primarily develop metabolically targeted approaches to improve the function of pancreatic beta-cells but we are also very much interested in applying this approach to models of stem cell differentiation, cancer and immunology.

Specific expertise

  • Pancreatic Beta-cells
  • Metabolic Flux Analysis and Regulation
  • Mass Spectrometry


Lab Members

Friebe, Stephan

Technical Assistent

Mohanraj, Karthikeyan

PhD student

Alves, Tiago C.

Group leader

Selected Publications

  • Jesinkey, S R, Madiraju, A K, Alves, T C, Yarborough, O H, Cardone, R L, Zhao, X, Parsaei, Y, Nasiri, A R, Butrico, G, Liu, X, Molina, A J, Rountree, A M, Neal, A S, Wolf, D M, Sterpka, J, Philbrick, W M, Sweet, I R, Shirihai, O H and Kibbey, R G. Mitochondrial GTP Links Nutrient Sensing to beta Cell Health, Mitochondrial Morphology, and Insulin Secretion Independent of OxPhos. Cell Rep28: 759-772 e10 (2019)
  • Yu, P, Wilhelm, K, Dubrac, A, Tung, J K, Alves, T C, Fang, J S, Xie, Y, Zhu, J, Chen, Z, De Smet, F, Zhang, J, Jin, S W, Sun, L, Sun, H, Kibbey, R G, Hirschi, K K, Hay, N, Carmeliet, P, Chittenden, T W, Eichmann, A, Potente, M and Simons, M. FGF-dependent metabolic control of vascular development. Nature545: 224-228 (2017)
  • Madiraju, A K, Alves, T, Zhao, X, Cline, G W, Zhang, D, Bhanot, S, Samuel, V T, Kibbey, R G and Shulman, G I. Argininosuccinate synthetase regulates hepatic AMPK linking protein catabolism and ureagenesis to hepatic lipid metabolism. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A113: E3423-30 (2016)
  • Alves, T C, Pongratz, R L, Zhao, X, Yarborough, O, Sereda, S, Shirihai, O, Cline, G W, Mason, G and Kibbey, R G. Integrated, Step-Wise, Mass-Isotopomeric Flux Analysis of the TCA Cycle. Cell Metab22: 936-47 (2015)
  • Alves, T C, Befroy, D E, Kibbey, R G, Kahn, M, Codella, R, Carvalho, R A, Falk Petersen, K and Shulman, G I. Regulation of hepatic fat and glucose oxidation in rats with lipid-induced hepatic insulin resistance. Hepatology53: 1175-81 (2011)