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Dr. Vasileia-Ismini Alexaki

Group Leader

Research focus

Chronic inflammatory diseases can be caused by aberrant inflammatory responses of innate immune cells. While macrophages drive peripheral tissue inflammation, microglia, the resident immune cells of the brain, mediate neuroinflammation. Immune responses of both, macrophages and microglia, are governed by cellular metabolic mechanisms. We are exploring metabolic pathways related to the citrate cycle, arginine metabolism and lipid metabolism regulating macrophage and microglial inflammatory responses. Moreover, we investigate how these immunometabolic responses are regulated by adrenal gland-dependent endocrine pathways.   

Specific expertise

  • Macrophage and microglia-mediated inflammation
  • Cellular metabolism (citrate cycle, arginine metabolism, lipid metabolism)
  • Adrenal hormones
  • Inflammatory mouse models


Lab Members

Aderhold, AnikaMaster-Student
Dr. Alexaki, Vasileia IsminiGroup leader
Dimothyra, SofiaMaster-Student
Karadima, Eleftheria PhD-Studentin
Kiene, FriederikeMaster-Student
Mund, ChristineTechnichian

Selected Publications

  • Ziogas, A, Maekawa, T, Wiessner, J R, Le, T T, Sprott, D, Troullinaki, M, Neuwirth, A, Anastasopoulou, V, Grossklaus, S, Chung, K J, Sperandio, M, Chavakis, T, Hajishengallis, G and Alexaki, V I. DHEA Inhibits Leukocyte Recruitment through Regulation of the Integrin Antagonist DEL-1. J Immunol204: 1214-1224 (2020)
  • Fodelianaki, G, Lansing, F, Bhattarai, P, Troullinaki, M, Zeballos, M A, Charalampopoulos, I, Gravanis, A, Mirtschink, P, Chavakis, T and Alexaki, V I. Nerve Growth Factor modulates LPS - induced microglial glycolysis and inflammatory responses. Exp Cell Res377: 10-16 (2019)
  • Yilmaz, C, Karali, K, Fodelianaki, G, Gravanis, A, Chavakis, T, Charalampopoulos, I and Alexaki, V I. Neurosteroids as regulators of neuroinflammation. Front Neuroendocrinol55: 100788 (2019)
  • Alexaki, V I, Fodelianaki, G, Neuwirth, A, Mund, C, Kourgiantaki, A, Ieronimaki, E, Lyroni, K, Troullinaki, M, Fujii, C, Kanczkowski, W, Ziogas, A, Peitzsch, M, Grossklaus, S, Sonnichsen, B, Gravanis, A, Bornstein, S R, Charalampopoulos, I, Tsatsanis, C and Chavakis, T. DHEA inhibits acute microglia-mediated inflammation through activation of the TrkA-Akt1/2-CREB-Jmjd3 pathway. Mol Psychiatry23: 1410-1420 (2018)
  • Alexaki, V I, May, A E, Fujii, C, SN, V U-S, Mund, C, Gawaz, M, Chavakis, T and Seizer, P. S100A9 induces monocyte/ macrophage migration via EMMPRIN. Thromb Haemost117: 636-639 (2017)
  • Alexaki, V I, Notas, G, Pelekanou, V, Kampa, M, Valkanou, M, Theodoropoulos, P, Stathopoulos, E N, Tsapis, A and Castanas, E. Adipocytes as immune cells: differential expression of TWEAK, BAFF, and APRIL and their receptors (Fn14, BAFF-R, TACI, and BCMA) at different stages of normal and pathological adipose tissue development. J Immunol183: 5948-56 (2009)