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23. November 2023

Save the Date - 30.11.2023 - 3rd NeuroTaCo Meet-up -

We're thrilled to invite you to the "NeuroTaCo" meeting, short for Neuroscience Talks & Collaborations - a brand new event dedicated to boosting networking and collaboration between the local neuroscience labs and groups at Campus Johannstadt and beyond. The third meeting will be held on November 30th at 3:00pm at the University Hospital Dresden C. G. Carus: auditorium 2 in house 21 (UKDD). → the team of the neuroradiology will be presenting this time!

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Please  share this information and the attached flyer to anyone who might be interested, especially to young researchers from your lab. Looking forward to welcoming you to NeuroTaCo meet-up.
HOSTED BY TRANSDENLAB RESEARCHERS (Inger Hellerhoff, Hanne Schurig, Arne Doose & Julius Hennig)

Download Event-Flyer