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Project 1

The role of microbiome and virome sensing in the lung in homeostasis and infection:

In this work package, we would like to understand how microbiota in the lung are sensed via both TLR/MyD88 and RIGI systems. In that regard, we are employing cell-specific deletions of the different components of the TLR/MyD88/RIGI systems to understand how the innate immune system react to microbiome in homeostasis primarily in the lung but as well in the gut. ScRNA-seq will be used to identify how different cell populations interact with microbial peptides and metabolites in order to activate a normal immune response/tolerance. Another signal we have witnessed in the lung was Notch4. Although on Treg cells, it had an effect in regulating different components in the adaptive and innate immune cells (Harb et al. Nat Immun. 2020, Harb et al. Immunity 2021). Previous studies done in my previous lab under my supervision, we saw an influx of innate lymphoid cells (ILC) type I after inoculation with a cowshed, allergy protecting bacteria A. llwoffii. It has never been investigated the role of ILCs in the cross talk with microbiota. This would be one of the basic ideas; we would like to investigate further.