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December Meeting on "Smell and Taste" supportes by the Working Group on Olfaction and Gustation of the German ENT society, 7./8. December 2018 in Bern

Dezembertagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Olfaktologie / Gustologie 7./8. Dezember 2018




Dear colleagues:

We would like to invite you to the December Meeting on "Smell and Taste" which is supported by the Working Group on Olfaction and Gustation of the German ENT society, on the 7./8. December 2018.

The meeting will be international, congress languages are German and English. Talks may be presented in German or English , but we kindly request slides to be written in English.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Bern soon!

Prof. Dr. med. Antje Welge-Luessen
Department of Otorhinolaryngology, University of Basel


Langhans Auditorum, Pathologisches Institut, Eingang 43a, Inselspital, Freiburgstrasse , 3010, Bern

How to get to the conference site?

Inselspital Bern, Freiburgstrasse, 3010 Bern: Langhans Auditorium, Eingang 43a

- if you come by car, you can park in the Insel-Parking car park (parking fees apply, ca 35 CHF per day), 800 metres from motorway exit 35 Bern-Forsthaus/lnselspital. There are no long-stay parking bays on the Inselspital campus.

- from Bern railway station (Bern Hauptbahnhof): take Bus no 11 in front of the train station on Perron F (, direction “Holligen”, 3rd stop “Inselspital” (main entrance). The ride will take ca. 5 minutes. For the timetable, access

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à EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg: Take the bus to Basel railway station (ca. 18min). There is a direct train connection to Bern approximately every 30 min. Check for the exact timetable. The whole ride will take about 90minutes.

à Geneva International Airport There are direct train connections to Bern railway station, approximately every 30 min. Check for the exact timetable. The ride will take about 120min

-          You can also reach Bern by bus from multiple European cities:

The Dinner

Altes Tramdepot, Grosser Muristalden 6, CH-3006 Bern


Fee for participation is 50 Euro; for students it is 20 Euro. For participants with an industrial background the participation fee is 200 Euro. Fees must be paid on registration with money transfer or through credit card. The refund for no show is limited to 50%.

The Bank details are as follows:

Payment in CHF
BEKB, Berner Kantonalbank AG, 3001 Bern
IBAN CH 28 0079 0020 0800 0426 7
Konto-Nr. 20
BC 790 / PC-Konto 30-106-9

Payment in EUR
BEKB, Berner Kantonalbank AG, 3001 Bern
IBAN CH 50 0079 0020 2599 9697 4
Konto-Nr. 20 259.996.9.74
BC 790 / PC-Konto 30-106-9

Empfänger/Beneficiary: Insel Gruppe AG
Adresse: Freiburgstrasse 18 3010 Bern
Bemerkungen/Note: WFH-013 (sehr wichtig/important!)

Payment in cash on site is possible.


Local organising committee:

Prof. Dr. med. M. Caversaccio
Dr. med. S. Negoias

  Department of ENT,
  Head and Neck Surgery
  University Hospital of Bern - Inselspital
  Freiburgstrasse, 3010 Bern

Scientific contact:

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Hummel

  Department of Otorhinolaryngology
  University of Dresden Medical School
  Fetscherstrasse 74, 01307 Dresden


Deadline for registration is the 15th of November 2018. Please send an informal application to Thomas Hummel. Please let us know whether you would like to participate in the conference dinner.

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Scientific program

Program Arge 2018

Friday, 7th of Dec 

13:30     Coffee 

14:00     Welcome – Prof. Marco Caversaccio (Bern), Dr. Simona Negoias (Bern)

14:00     Chemosensory testing, taste - Chair: Antje Welge-Lüssen (Basel)

14:00     Anna Oleszkiewicz (Dresden) Normative data for the Sniffin Sticks in more than 9000 healthy subjects -

14:15     Gerold Besser (Vienna) Short version of a retronasal olfactory test

14:30     Tanja Drews (Dresden) Self-administration of the Sniffin Sticks odor identification test           

14:45     Lisa Grzeschuchna (Dresden) Electrophysiological correlates of gustatory activation in patients with taste disturbance


15:00     Plenarysession – Chair: Simona Negioas (Bern)

15:0       Önder Göktas (Berlin) Drug-induced taste loss: the hitlist

15:15     Michael Damm (Cologne) Diagnostics and therapy of olfactory dysfunction in German-speaking countries             

15:30     Thomas Hummel (Dresden) Questionnaire for parosmia / smoking / general          

15:45     Julien Hsieh (Geneva) Development of an ontology-based smell phenotyping system              

16:00     Coffee break    

16:30     Lecture – Chair: Anna Oleszkievicz

Daria Knoch (Bern): Body odors                              

17:00     Mixed bag – Chair: Gerold Besser (Vienna)                      

17:00     Raffaela Fürer (Basel) Central-nervous processing of salty taste induced by NaCl or KCl

17:15     Antje Hähner (Dresden) Mutation in Nav1.7 causes high olfactory sensitivity

17:30     Agnieszka Sabiniewicz (Wroclav) Odor memory is related to the quality of early memories in older adults

17:45     Social program

Saturday, 8th of Dec       

8:30       Coffee 

09:00     Congenital anosmia, head trauma, trigeminal – Chair: Julien Hsieh (Geneva)

09:00     Akshita Joshi (Dresden) Brain activation to chemosensory stimulation in patients wth congenital anosmia

09:15     Basile Landis (Geneva) Gustatory and olfactory function after temporal bone fracture                             

09:30     Kyri Lindner (Dresden) Cognitive function in patients with trauma-related olfactory loss         

09:45     Sophia Poletti (Tübingen) Distribution of trigeminal receptors in the nasal respiratory epithelium        

10:00     Gerg Lober (Dresden) Trigeminal activation in patients with allergic rhinitis and chronic rhinosinusitis    

10:15     Carla Masala (Dresden) Correlation between nasal anatomy and olfactory function


10:30     Plenarysession – Chair: Karl-Bernd Hüttenbrink (Cologne)

                Thomas Hummel (Dresden) Goals of the working group

11:15     Coffee break    


11:45     Lecture – Chair: Basile Landis (Geneva)               

Abel-Jan Tasman (St. Gallen) – Nose and Psyche

12:15     Mixed bag – Chair: Tanja Drews (Dresden)       

12:15     Axel Wolf (Graz) Olfactory cleft proteome does not reflect olfactory performance in patients with olfactory loss

12:30     Simona Negoias (Bern) Chemosensory function and environmental sensitivity in patients with tinnitus 

12:45     Yunpeng Zang (Dresden) Influence of olfactory dysfunction on food sense of perception       

13:00     David Liu (Vienna) Assessment of retronasal olfactory function in patients with smell loss

13:15     Corinne Hasler (Basel) Olfactory function during the course of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease  

13:30     Final remarks – Simona Negioas (Bern)                              


To come