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Smell and taste dysfunction may result from any number of causes, and as a result spreads across multiple disciplines. This issue has resulted in a relative lack of study into smell and taste disturbance, and yielded few viable treatment options. Here - acknowledging the various disciplines involved - we aim to bring together leading expertise in order to provide a comprehensive layout for future improvements in this area. This includes both understanding of normal smell and taste function, peripherally and centrally, as well as all sorts of disorders that may contribute to smell loss and associated quality-of-life burden. Through a multidisciplinary working group, and including other interested stakeholders, we hope to achieve the following goals:


  1. Provide a discussion platform where difficult cases can be presented
    1. Webinars - ?frequency
    2. Forum with existing conferences e.g. ERS, ECRO, ARS, etc
    3. Website case reports
    4. Discussion forums with publications (like EUFOREA)
  2. Provide an update to the Position Paper on Olfactory Dysfunction at regular intervals (e.g. 4-5 years)
  3. Create a working list of research priorities
    1. Basic science
    2. Translational research
    3. Clinical trials
    4. Qualitative and patient focused
    5. Epidemiological
  4. Create a working list of educational priorities
    1. ENT surgeons
    2. GPs
    3. Neurologists and neurosurgeons
    4. Allied health professionals and other related specialties
    5. Patients
    6. Public
  5. Establish a platform for collaborative multi-centre internal research addressing the above research and educational priorities



Associate members

Future members:

To join the working group, applicants should submit a summary 2 page CV outlining their expertise/contribution to the field.

Additional members to consider:

Patient representative(s)

Non-clinician Scientist (s)


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