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SUPPORTED BY the European Rhinological Society ERS

In collaboration with Fifth Sense (GB) and reuksmaakstoornissen (NL) and the Working Group Olfaction and Gustation of the German ENT society logo_argeDGHNO and the Council of the Italian Academy of Rhinology , IAR.

In collaboration with the Swiss Society for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, working group Rhinology SGORL

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  1. Provide a discussion platform where difficult cases can be presented
    1. Webinars - ?frequency
    2. Forum with existing conferences e.g. ERS , ECRO, ARS, etc
    3. Website case reports
    4. Discussion forums with publications (like EUFOREA)
  2. Provide an update to the Position Paper on Olfactory Dysfunction at regular intervals (e.g. 4-5 years)
  3. Create a working list of research priorities
    1. Basic science
    2. Translational research
    3. Clinical trials
    4. Qualitative and patient focused
    5. Epidemiological
  4. Create a working list of educational priorities
    1. ENT surgeons
    2. GPs
    3. Neurologists and neurosurgeons
    4. Allied health professionals and other related specialties
    5. Patients
    6. Public
  5. Establish a platform for collaborative multi-centre internal research addressing the above research and educational priorities



Future members:

To join the working group, applicants should submit a summary 2 page CV outlining their expertise/contribution to the field.

Additional members to consider:

Patient representative(s)

Non-clinician Scientist (s)


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