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December Meeting on "Smell and Taste" in conjunction with the Working Group on Olfaction and Gustation of the German ENT society, 8./9. December 2017

Dezembertagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Olfaktologie / Gustologie 8./9. Dezember 2017




Dear colleagues:

We would like to invite you to the December Meeting on "Smell and Taste" in conjunction with the Working Group on Olfaction and Gustation of the German ENT society, 8./9. December 2017.

The meeting will be international, congress languages are German and English. Talks may still be presented in German or English, but we kindly request slides to be written in English.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Berlin soon!

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. K.-B. Hüttenbrink, Head of Department
Department of Otorhinolaryngology, University Köln


STORZ Besucher- und Schulungszentrum Berlin im ehemaligen Kaiserin-Augusta-Hospital der Charité Universitätmedizin, Konferenzsaal (2. Etage)

How to get to the conference site?

KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. KG Besucher- und Schulungszentrum Berlin Scharnhorststraße 3 10115 Berlin

Stadtteil: Berlin-Mitte

Entfernungen: Charité Campus Mitte Fußweg ca. 5 Minuten; Hauptbahnhof Berlin Fußweg ca. 10 Minuten; Flughafen Tegel: 9 Kilometer Flughafen Schönefeld: 25 Kilometer

  • Vom Hauptbahnhof: Buslinie 120 Haltestelle Scharnhorststraße/ Habersaathstraße; Fußweg 2 min
  • Vom Flughafen Tegel: TXL Expressbus bis Washingtonplatz/Hauptbahnhof; danach Buslinie 120 Haltestelle Scharnhorststraße/Habersaathstraße; Fußweg 2 min
  • Vom Flughafen Schönefeld: RE7 Regionalbahn bis Hauptbahnhof; danach Buslinie 120 Haltestelle Scharnhorststraße/Habersaathstraße; Fußweg 2 min
  • Nächstliegende U-Bahnstation: U6 Haltestelle Naturkundemuseum; Fußweg ca.10 min Parkmöglichkeiten:
  • Parkplatz Hamburger Bahnhof: Fußweg ca. 10 Minuten (Invalidenstraße 51, 10557 Berlin)
  • Parkplatz Berlin Hauptbahnhof: Bus 120 (s.o.) oder Fußweg ca. 15 min (Zufahrt über B96-Tunnel oder Clara-Jaschke-Straße, 10557 Berlin)
  • Parkplatz am Haus: …nicht gewünscht: es gibt in der Umgebung Seitenstrassen mit Parkmöglichkeiten, aber da Nähe zu Charité Campus Mitte und Bundeswehrkrankenhaus sind diese immer durch Anwohner und Mitarbeiter recht belegt.

The Dinner

Restaurant Esszimmer (direkt schräg gegenüber vom Veranstaltungsort)

Scharnhorststraße 28-29
10115 Berlin


Fee for participation is 50 Euro; for students it is 20 Euro. For participants with an industrial background the participation fee is 200 Euro. Fees must be paid on registration with money transfer or through credit card. The refund for no show is limited to 50%.


Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Hummel

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, University of Dresden Medical School, Fetscherstrasse 74 , 01307 Dresden, Germany; phone +49- 0351 458-4189 or -3197; Fax +49- 0351 458-7370;


Deadline for registration is the 15th of November 2017. Please send an informal application to Thomas Hummel. Please let us know whether you would like to participate in the conference dinner.

Aussteller“ / „Sponsors“

Allergopharma Gmbh & Co. KG

Bencard Allergie GmbH

HAL Allergie GmbH


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Continued Medical Education

Continued Medical Education: The course will earn you 15 points CME-Logo .

Scientific program

Friday, 8th of December 2017

Olfactory loss Chair: Simona Negoias [Bern]

14:30-14:45Han P [Dresden], Croy I, Raue C, Bensafi M, Larsson M, Cavazzana A, Hummel T: Reading odors:  enhanced neural processing in dysosmic patients as compared to controls
14:45-15:00Urbig A [Dresden], Huart C, Duprez T, Rombaux P, Hummel T: Olfactory bulb volume and olfactory sulcus depth in patients with various causes of olfactory loss
15:00-15:15Zimmermann A [Dresden], Walliczek U, Hähner A, Hummel T: Antinuclear antibodies in postinfectious smell loss- a pilot study
15:15-15:30Landis BN [Genf]: Olfactory loss after head trauma
15:30-15:45Whitcroft K [London], Fischer J, Â Han P, Noltus J, Raue C, Bensafi M, Gudziol V, Andrews P, Hummel T: Increased grey matter volume in primary and secondary olfactory cortices following surgical treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis

Break (15:45-16:15)

General Discussion Chair:  Karl-Bernd Hüttenbrink [Köln]

Hähner A [Dresden]: Preliminary results from a survey in patients with olfactory loss

Landis BN [Genf]: Terminology of taste loss: “Dysgeusia”

Assessment of olfactory function Chair: Julia Vent [Köln]

16:45-17:00Oleszkiewicz A [Dresden], Pellegrino R, Pusch K, Margot C, Hummel T (2017) Chemical complexity of odors increases reliability of olfactory threshold testing.
17:00-17:15Hsieh JW [Genf], Keller A, Wong M, Jiang RS, Vosshall LB: SMELL-S and SMELL-R: new olfactory tests not influenced by odor-specific insensitivity or prior olfactory experience

Break (17:15-17:45)

Therapy Chair: Janine Gellrich [Dresden]

17:45-18:00Göktas Ö [Berlin],  Azar C: Olfactory and gustatory training for patients with olfactory dysfunction.
18:00-18:15Mueller CA [Wien], Besser G, Renner B: Evaluating the demand for olfactory implants in patients with olfactory impairment – a prospective questionnaire-based study.

Neurodegeneration Chair: Antje Hähner [Dresden]

18:15-18:30Walter S [Dresden], Hähner A: Idiopathic smell and taste disorders as predictors for the occurrence of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
18:30-18:45Stephan L [Dresden], Iannilli E, Hähner A: Olfactory event-related potentials in patients with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease
18:45-19:00Tremblay C [Quebec], Durand-Martel P, Frasnelli J: Trigeminal sensitivity in Parkinson's disease

Saturday, 9th of December 2017

Olfaction in children  Chair: Sophia Poletti [Zürich]

9:00-9:15  Schriever V [Dresden]: What to do in olfactory dysfunction in children
9:15-9:30Gruhn ML [Dresden], Gellrich J, Schriever V: Influence of chronic diseases on olfactory function in childhood
9:30-9:45Rochor M [Dresden], Gellrich J, Hummel T, Schriever V: Sniffin’ away the feeding tube - The influence of olfactory stimulation on oral food intake in newborns and premature infants
9:45-10:00Sabha M [Dresden], Parisato L, Schriever V: On the significance of the sense of smell in children and adolescents
10:00-10:15Gellrich J [Dresden], Pölitz M, von der Hagen M, SchrieverV: Olfactory function and neurological diseases in childhood
10:15-10:30Sparing-Paschke LM [Dresden], Gellrich J, Parisato L, Schriever V: The influence of cognitive and psychological parameters on olfactory assessment in childhood

Break (10:30-11:00)

Key-note lecture (11:00-11:45)   Chair: Önder Goktas [Berlin]

Agnieszka Sorokowska [Wroclav]: Cross-cultural deteterminants and aspects of smell testing and preferences

Break (11:45-12:00)

Other  Chair: Valentin Schriever [Dresden]

12:00-12:15Stuck B [Marburg]: Olfactory dysfunction in patients with allergies
12:15-12:30Sabiniewicz A [Wroclav], Stefaczyk M: Is quality of early memories related to odour memory level? A pilot study
12:30-12:45Cavazzana A [Dresden], Poletti S, Guducu C, Larsson M, Hummel T: Behavioral and electrophysiological responses to different pairs of enantiomers

Groyecka A [Wroclav], Sorokowska A, Oleszkiewicz A, Hummel T, ysenko K, Sorokowski P: Similarities in smell and taste preferences in couples increase with relationship duration.

Taste   Chair: Basile Landis   [Genf]

12:45-13:00Mohebbi M [Teheran], Han P, Hummel C, Hummel T: The effect of umami training in tasters and non-tasters – an fMRI study
13:00-13:15Bovelet P [Dresden], Iannilli E, Zhigang Z,  Hummel T fMRI investigation on the potential of Capsaicin as a taste enhancer for salty stimuli
13:15-13:3Banz M [Dresden], Hummel T, Iannilli E: Central-nervous processing of sucrose-sweet vs. sweetener-sweet

General Discussion (13:30-14:00)

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