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Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Center "Smell & Taste"

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Presently, nurse Carmen is taking care of patients with smell and taste problems, while Prof. Dr. med. Antje Hähner , Anna Oleszkiewicz, PhD, Ananchiara Cavazzana, PhD, Pengfei Han, PhD and Dr. med. Dipl. Psych. Cornelia Hummelare studying aspects of human chemosensation on a scientific level. ENT physician PD Dr. med. Mandy Cuevas is particularly involved in the center's research program. Further, Agnieszka Sorokowska, Ph.D., Ute Walliczek, M.D., Emilia Iannilli, Ph.D., Tanja Drews, M.D., and Katie Whitcroft, M.D., are contributing to the center's activities.

Furthermore, a number of doctorate theses are being worked on (e.g. "Neuroanatomical correlates of smell function in children and adults", "Olfactory training in smell disorders", "Prognostic significance of qualitative smell disorders").

A network of close cooperation links the smell and taste center not only to partners within Dresden University (Abteilung Neuroradiologie (Prof. Linn, Dr. Kitzler), der Klinik für Neurologie (Prof. Reichmann ) und der Klinik für Psychosomatik (Dr. Croy ), but also to clinicians and scientists on both national and international levels: Prof. Dr. Stuck (ENT, Marburg), Prof. Dr. Hatt (Physiology, Bochum), Prof. Dr. Welge-Lüssen(ENT, Basel), Dr. Landis(Genf, ENT), Dr. Bensafi (Psychology, Lyon), Dr. Schaal (Psychology, Dijon), Prof. Larsson (Psychology, Stockholm), Dr. Nordin (Psychology, Umea), Dr. Lundstrom (Psychology, Philadelphia Stockholm), Dr. Philpott (Norwich), Dr. Altundag (Istambul), Prof. Dr. Rombaux und Dr. Huart (Brussels), Dr. Negoias (Bern), Dr. Seo (Fayetville, Arkansas) oder Dr. Frasnelli (Montreal).

Odor identification in children and adults: Results from a science fair


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