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Surgical Assistance Systems and Artificial Intelligence in ORL Surgery

The Surgical Assistance Systems and Artificial Intelligence in ORL Surgery – Junior Research Group (SAS/AI ORL) at the Ear Research Center Dresden (ERCD) conducts research in the field of next generation technology to shape the ORL surgery of the future.

Research topics of interest

  • Surgical assistance systems in endoscopic ear surgery – passive and active endoscope holders
  • Surgical assistance systems in reconstructive middle ear surgery – dynamic insertion tools for passive prosthesis  
  • Surgical assistance systems in cochlear implant operations
  • Intraoperative evaluation of the movement of the ossicular chain
  • Assistance systems for the intraoperative evaluation of the functioning of passive and active implants
  • Thermal damage during microscopic and endoscopic ear surgery
  • Navigation controlled semiautomated and robotic drilling machines
  • Robotic biopsy / robotic tumor resection
  • Intraoperative navigation


We offer versatile topics for doctoral theses in the field of surgical assistance systems and artificial intelligence in ORL surgery. Translational experimental and clinical research can be conducted.
We offer

  • High quality translational experimental and clinical ORL research,
  • Deep insights in future ENT surgery including robotic surgery (temporal bone lab / operating theatre),
  • Mentoring during to whole time of thesis by a motivated and young team including expert senior researchers,  
  • Stipend on negotiation,
  • Inclusion of own project ideas during the doctoral thesis process.  

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Junior research group leader

C. Müller

Dr. med. Christoph Müller, MD

Principal investigators

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Thomas Zahnert,
Chairholder ORL

Prof. Dr. med. Marcus Neudert, FEBORL,
Medical Director ERCD

Dr. rer. medic. Matthias Bornitz,
Technical Director ERCD

Associated Principal Investigators

Dr. med. M. Kemper