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Development of Middle Ear ImplantsLeft: "Titanium Clip Prosthesis" picture from Karl-BerndImage et al. (; Right: "Flexible Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis" from Thomas Beleites et al. (

Development of Middle Ear Implants

The lab can reflect upon a long history of research on middle ear reconstruction. Various ossicular replacement prostheses have been tested and developed.  Flexible prostheses with an integrated microjoint are the current challenge in research (Flexible ossicular replacement prosthesis).

Advanced manufacturing technologies in 3D printing (like Electrospinning, Fused Deposition Modeling) allow for new methods/therapies in tympanic membrane reconstruction a highly topical field of research.

To achieve a stable and continuous anchor for the prosthesis in the middle ear osseointegration for titanium prostheses on the footplate were developed.


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