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31. January 2022

ERCD recommends: Systematic review and meta-analysis of audiological and patient-reported outcomes with the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE active middle ear implant

New Whitepaper covers extensive research on the of the world's most successful active middle ear implant

MED-EL Vibrant is the company behind one of the world's most successful hearing implants, the Vibrant Soundbridge (VSB). It was first introduced in 1996 for treating sensorineural hearing loss whenn conventional hearing aids were contraindicated, and it has since been adapted to treat a variety of hearing disorders. Its widespread use has enabled intensive international research, with more than 350 articles published as of 2019.

25 Years after the first Soundbridge implantation, MED-EL Vibrant has now released a new Whitepaper, containing an extensive metaanalysis and summary of the current body of knowledge. From the foreword of the article:

"Twenty-five years after its first implantation, the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE still leads the field of active middle ear implants. Researchers all around the globe have thoroughly investigated the implant’s safety and effectiveness, leading to hundreds of peer-reviewed publications. With this growing body of evidence, however, keeping track of the bigger picture becomes more challenging. This Whitepaper provides an overall perspective by listing publications available up to December 2019 and summarizing the most commonly reported outcomes."

The Whitepaper can be accessed free of charge in a browser-based format using the permanent link below and will be regularly updated.

Vibrant Soundbridge publications overview. From: MED-EL, Vibrant Soundbridge Outcomes.