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Dr. rer. medic. Martin Koch"Martin_Koch" from ERCD licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Dr. rer. medic. Martin Koch

Research priority

  • Development of active middle ear implants (AMEIs)
  • Investigation of physical middle ear parameters


Research profiles

Selected Publications

  • Koch, M., Eßinger, T. M., Angerer, M., Stoppe, T., Bornitz, M., Neudert, M., & Zahnert, T. (2019). Static and Dynamic Forces in the Incudostapedial Joint Gap. Hearing Research, 378, 92–100.
  • Koch, Martin, Essinger, T. M., Stoppe, T., Lasurashvili, N., Bornitz, M., & Zahnert, T. (2016). Fully implantable hearing aid in the incudostapedial joint gap. Hear Res, 340, 169–178.
  • Koch, Martin, Eßinger, T. M., Bornitz, M., & Zahnert, T. (2014). Examination of a mechanical amplifier in the incudostapedial joint gap: FEM simulation and physical model. Sensors (Basel), 14(8), 14356–14374.
  • Koch, M., Seidler, H., Hellmuth, A., Bornitz, M., Lasurashvili, N., & Zahnert, T. (2013). Influence of the middle ear anatomy on the performance of a membrane sensor in the incudostapedial joint gap. Hear Res, 301, 35–43.