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Dr. rer. medic. Annett Franke-Trieger

Research priority

  • Investigations of stapedius reflex measurements in cochlea implant users
  • Digital volume tomography for imaging cochlear implant electrode arrays

Scientific career

Selected publications

  • Seebacher, J., Franke-Trieger, A., Weichbold, V., Zorowka, P., & Stephan, K. (2019). Improved interaural timing of acoustic nerve stimulation affects sound localization in single-sided deaf cochlear implant users. Hearing Research, 371, 19–27.
  • Franke-Trieger, A., & Mürbe, D. (2015). Estimation of insertion depth angle based on cochlea diameter and linear insertion depth: A prediction tool for the CI422. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol, 272(11), 3193–3199.
  • Franke-Trieger, A., Jolly, C., Darbinjan, A., Zahnert, T., & Mürbe, D. (2014). Insertion depth angles of cochlear implant arrays with varying length: A temporal bone study. Otol Neurotol, 35(1), 58–63.
  • Trieger, A., Schulze, A., Schneider, M., Zahnert, T., & Mürbe, D. (2011). In Vivo Measurements of the Insertion Depth of Cochlear Implant Arrays Using Flat-Panel Volume Computed Tomography. Otol Neurotol, 32(1), 152–157.