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Project 1

Identification, characterisation and pathogenesis of rare and just recently described human pathogenic bacteria

There are numerous bacterial species that are considered as pathogenic for humans, but which only rarely appear in routine diagnostics (such as Myroides spp., Elizabethkingia spp., or Roseomonas spp.). Because of that, these species have hardly been the focus of scientific interest and thus only few data are available. In this project, we are therefore pursuing a systematic approach in order to understand the clinical impact in more detail. First, it needs to be clarified which method used in routine diagnostics is the most appropriate to reliably identify the respective species. In addition, we compare different methods of antimicrobial susceptibility testing, establish a susceptibility profile and identify primary resistances. Furthermore, whole genome sequences are performed for each isolate. We then try to identify relevant virulence properties and resistance genes by means of comparative genomics.