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Gefördert von ANR (Agence Nationale Recherche) und der DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).
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4.1. German team:

4.1.1. Basismodul
In Germany, a post-doc will be hired for 30 month for Tasks 2 and 3. Besides recruiting and managing the studies, the role of the post-doc will be to provide a complete olfactory screening on patients (from psychological and  psychophysics evaluation to MRI measurements). In this task, the post-doc will be accompanied by the coordinator  Thomas Hummel, Antje Haehner and Emilia Iannilli. The cost is 130000 euros.

Others costs will include:
‐ Materials: 3 computer stations (5000 euros), all the necessary to develop olfactory psychophysics (flaks, odorants, functioning of the olfactometers; 9000 euros), access to fMRI environment (25000 euros).
‐ Travels will amount to 9000 euros: including expenses for scientific congresses travelling of the German coordinator for a meeting in Lyon with the French coordinator.
‐ Expenses related to publication costs will be 3000 euros.

4.1.2. Modul Eigene Stelle

4.1.3. Modul Vertretung

4.1.4. Modul Mercator-Fellow

4.1.5. Modul Projektspezifische Workshops
‐ Funding to organize a workshop with the French partner (5000 euros, including accommodation and subsistence)

4.1.6. Modul Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
- Dissemination actions will cost 3000 euros including related to Task 5 actions towards general public and universities.

4.2. French team:

4.2.1. Dépenses de personnels à recruter
As in Germany, in France, a post-doc will be hired for 30 months to cover the need in human means for Tasks 2 and 3. The role of the post-doc will be to recruit patients and volunteers, conduct the series psychological and brain imaging experiments, manage data analysis and, under the supervision of the coordinator Moustafa Bensafi write and publish scientific papers. Ideally, the applicant should have competences in the fields of cognitive and experimental psychology and brain imaging. An experience in olfaction research will be appreciated. The cost is 130000 euros.

4.2.2. Equipements
These expensives amount to 5000 euros and will include 3 computer stations.

4.2.3. Petits matériels, consommables, fonctionnement, etc.
These expenses amount to 9000 euros and include expenses related to compensation issues for subjects, development of olfactory psychophysics experiments (odorants, flasks, olfactometry).
Publication costs will be around 3000 euros (for articles published in Tasks 3 and 4; it is worth noting that the German team has also a dedicated part of its budget on this issue). Moreover, a workshop will be organized at the end of the project (Task 5): 5000 euros (the German partner has also dedicated part of its budget for this workshop). Finally, 3000 euros will be dedicated to dissemination actions towards general public and universities for Task 5.

4.2.4. Missions
Travelling will amount to 7500 euros (2500 euros/year) and corresponds to expenses relative to conferences and congresses whereby participants would present results of the project to the scientific community. Around 1500 euros will be dedicated for travelling of the French coordinator in Dresden with the German coordinator, Task 1).

4.2.5. Prestations de services
Provisions of services correspond to fMRI expenses at the imaging centre of Lyon (CERMEP Imagerie du Vivant). These provisions of services amount to 500 euros per experimental session. In total, they amount to 25000 euros for 50 participants (25 novices and 25 experts). Moreover, 3000 euros will be dedicated to project coordination and management, including intellectual property management and activities described in section 3.2. done by Lyon Ingénierie Projets (subsidiary of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 dedicated to the management of research projects).

Reprendre ici les montants figurant dans les points 4.1 et 4.2

Dépenses de
Modul Eigene Stelle
Modul Vertretung
Modul Mercator-Fellow
Wissenschaftliche Geräte
Frais de missions9000Basismodul :
Autres dépenses20000Basismodul :
Sonstige Kosten
-Basismodul :
Prestations de
Frais de gestion7680-
-Modul Projektspezifische
Total France199 680 €Total Allemagne189 000 €
GRAND TOTAL388 680 €

6. Autres moyens engagés pour la réalisation du projet
‐ Olfactometry tools will be made available by the teams.
‐ Pilot investigations were funded by the TU of Dresden (German team) and the University of Lyon 1 (French team) and enabled to setup the proposed paradigm.

7. Autres financements éventuels
No other funding has been requested for this project from other funding agencies. If this was the case, we are committed to promptly notify the ANR and the DFG.

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