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Implantable Hearing Systems International Hands-on Course on Surgical Hearing Restoration

Implantable Hearing Systems International Hands-on Course on Surgical Hearing Restoration

Implantable Hearing Systems International Hands-on Course on Surgical Hearing Restoration is one of the world’s most in-depth hands-on courses in the field of otosurgery. Every year, otosurgeons from around the world come to Dresden to study and learn the latest in surgical techniques, advances in implantology and hearing rehabilitation. Find out about the latest technological advances in passive and active implants, and get a hands-on feel for state-of-the-art surgery. Study with our team of internationally acclaimed surgeons and scientists, and learn from lecturers and guest speakers from around the world. Welcome to Dresden!

October 24th - 25th 2024

Uniklinikum Dresden, Clinic of ORL


Experience a unique learning experience with live surgery

  • Watch the operations live in the operating room
  • Discuss the surgical procedure on site with the surgeon and colleagues from other hospitals
  • Get to know the latest passive prostheses and active hearing implants including PORP, TORP, cochlear implants, implantable hearing aids (Vibrant SoundBridge) and bone conduction hearing systems (BoneBridge)


Learn first hand from the world's top surgeons and reknowned speakers

Get an overview about implantable hearing systems and their indications.

Learn about surgical techniques for the different systems directly from our experienced surgeons.

    • State-of-the-art passive implants and prostheses
    • Implantable hearing aid systems and indication
    • CI electrodes and surgical techniques
    • BoneBridge and surgical techniques
    • Vibroplasty, SoundBridge and surgical techniques

hands on 

Hands-on experiments designed by our leading scientists.

Implantation of active and passive implants in a training model.

  • be trained in the implantation of the FMT (floating mass transducer) of the Vibrant SoundBridge with the coupling elements by use of a middle ear training model with acoustic feedback,
  • get to know the scope and variety of the latest range of passive implants and try them out yourself!

Implantation of actuators in temporal bone specimen.

  • hear the sound that reaches the cochlea in real time using our unique acoustic feedback system,
  • implant the FMT (floating mass transducer) of the Vibrant Soundbridge and learn how to do so at different positions and with different coupling elements,
  • hear and compare the performance of the FMT under different coupling conditions

Bone Bridge implantation

  • learn about BoneBridge implantation

CI-electrode implantation

  • training of cochleostomie and round window insertion,
  • insertion of different types of CI electrodes,
  • control of CI-electrode positioning,
  • evaluate the position of the cochlea electrodes by means of DVT images and 3D image processing,
  • model transformations, length and angle measurements

Tremor testing

  • check your hand tremor under different conditions

Advanced surgical techniques

  • vibroplasty techniques
  • handling of couplers
  • cartilage preparation


 social events

Join us for a drink at attractive evening events

  • Deepen the professional exchange, enjoy local food and drink and the unique athmosphere at our famous social events
  • Experience the flair and architecture of the historic city of Dresden on a guided tour
  • Treat yourself to a special dinner at Lingner Castle overlooking the famous Elbe valley


Andrea Hollstein, MED-EL