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Dr. phil. Anja Hahne

Dr. phil. Anja Hahne

Group leader Neurocognition

Research priority

  • Neurocognitive investigation of language acquisition in children with cochlear implants
  • Processing of speech, music and sounds in adult cochlear implant users

 Scientific career

Research profiles

Selected publications

  • Finkl, T., Hahne, A., Friederici, A.D., Gerber, J., Mürbe, D., & Anwander, A. (2020). Language without speech: Segregating distinct circuits in the human brain. Cerebral Cortex, 30, 812-823.
  • Vavatzanidis, N.K., Mürbe, D., Friederici, A.D., & Hahne, A. (2018). Establishing a mental lexicon with cochlear implants: an ERP study with young children. Scientific Reports, 8:910.
  • Hahne, A., Mainka, A., Leuner, A. & Mürbe, D. (2016). Adult cochlear implant users are able to discriminate basic tonal features in musical patterns: Evidence from event-related potentials. Otology & Neurootology, 37, e360-e368.
  • Bruns, L., Mürbe, D. & Hahne, A. (2016). Understanding music with cochlear implants. Scientific Reports, 6, 32026.
  • Gohil, K., Hahne, A., & Beste, C. (2016). Improvements of sensorimotor processes during action cascading associated with changes in sensory processing architecture–insights from sensory deprivation. Scientific Reports, 6, 28259.
  • Vavatzanidis, N.K., Mürbe, D., Friederici, A.D., & Hahne, A. (2016). The perception of stress pattern in young cochlear implanted children: an EEG study. Frontiers in Neuroscience.
  • Vavatzanidis, N.K., Mürbe, D., Friederici, A.D., & Hahne, A. (2015). The basis for language acquisition: Congenitally deaf infants discriminate vowel length in the first months after cochlear implantation. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 27, 2447-2441.
  • Hahne, A., Wolf, A., Müller, J., Mürbe, D., & Friederici, A.D. (2012). Sentence comprehension in proficient adult cochlear implant users: On the vulnerability of syntax. Language and Cognitive Processes, 27, 1192-1204., Author's original manuscript