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Our scientific Mission is: Presenting recent Research findings, promoting discussions between clinicans and scientists and give Young Researchers a platform to present their findings. Please do contact us to make suggestions for further scientific activities.


March 11/12th, 2022

13th International Dresden Symposium with more 264 participants 
from 31 countries

The International Dresden Symposium in March has become the kick-off for the academic year of clinians and researchers who are interested in improving care of newborns. The Symposium offers the unique opportunity to discuss recent advances in the field of Delivery Room Mangement and exciting news around feto-neonatal health. The 13th Symposium took place on March 11th and 12th 2022.

During the past decade, we had the honour to host many dear friends and colleagues in Dresden and to provide an atmosphere for scientific exchange. Whereas “Hybrid Meeting” has become popular during the past year, the Dresden Meeting started to by “hybrid” in 2015 to enable participation from different continents.

This year more than 264 participants from 31 countries discussed current development during two days. Due to Covid restrictions there was only a small group in presence which met in Leiden/Netherlands. Nevertheless, the spirit of the meeting was kept alive and we were able to provide a platform for intensive exchange between clinicians and scientists who are interested in Delivery Room Management and in new developments in Neonatology. Distinguished international speakers covered the following topics:

    • Prenatal Medicine meets Neonatology.
    • Covid-19 effects on pregnancy and newborns. 
    • Artificial placenta and Perinatal Life Support. 
    • Exciting news from Stem Cell Research.
    • Telemedicine in Neonatology.
    • Current studies on DR-management.
    • Management of late preterm infants.
    • To breathe or not to breathe?
    • PRO & CON: Improving research in DR-management. 

       You will find the detailed program here.

The next meeting will (hopefully) be in Dresden from 9th - 11th of March, 2023 – so save the date!  

March 13th, 2022

The ESPR Spring School

It is a great pleasure to invite you to another edition of the ESPR-Spring School.
Please note the date, further information will follow soon. 

March 19th, 2022

9th Maria Delivoria - Papadopoulos Perinatal Symposium:
"Perinatal Covid-19: The Aftermath" - Free virtual

You will find the detailed program here.
Additional information concerning registration can be found here.

June 10th, 2022 

Annual International Neonatal Conference

Virtual conference

Further information can be found here

September 15/16th, 2022

Fifth Annual Neonatal Resuscitation Symposium 

of the Oklahoma Childrens Hospital, organized by Edgardo Szyld and his team.

You will find the detailed programm here


March 12th, 2021

12th Dresden Symposium (online)

In order to cope with the current situation, we decided to have the meeting in 2021 within a virtual surrounding. Nevertheless, we hope to keep the spirit of the meeting alive and to provide a platform for intensive exchange between clinicians and scientists who are interested in Delivery Room Management. In order to cover a broad range of relevant topics we have invited speakers to cover various topics. You will find the detailed program here.

March 13th, 2021

ESPR Spring School (online)

Despite the challenges of the current times, we are proud to offer you a great selection of courses pertinent to optimal perinatal management and quality improvement. You will find the detailed program here. As always, we are interested to provide the opportunity for intensive discussions.

March 17th, 2021

Start Fakultativer Vertiefungskomplex

Die Betreuung von Hochrisiko Schwangerschaften ist anspruchsvoll und erfordert Kenntnisse aus den Bereich der Geburtshilfe und der Neonatologie. Nur gemeinsam können wir die Familien optimal begleiten. Der Vertiefungskomplex gibt einen fachbereichsübergreifenden Einblick in die feto-neonatale Medizin und ermöglicht es, klinische Erfahrungen und wissenschaftliche Interessen zu schärfen.

November 25-27th, 2021

Bi-anual Meeting of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Perinatale Medizin

Further information can be found here