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Subproject 1

Inflammasome-associated defects of cytoplasmatic DAMP recognition - Effects of CASP1 gene mutations on transcription, cytokine release patterns and pyroptosisRead More

Subproject 2

Mapping dynamic protein interactions of Receptor interacting protein 2 (RIP2), Pro-Caspase-1, ASC and other CARD-proteins using life-cell imagingRead More

Subproject 3

Mass spectrometric analysis of the caspase 1-associated secretomeRead More

Subproject 4

The role of the Trex1-, RNase H2- and SAMHD1-associated intracellular nucleic acid metabolism during restriction of retroelements - implications for the pathogenesis of systemic autoimmunityRead More

Subproject 5

The role of defects in nucleic acid metabolism for the pathogenesis of cutaneous autoimmune diseasesRead More

Subproject 6

Aicardi-Goutières Syndrom-associated gene products as potential sensors or antiviral effectors for exogenous virusesRead More

Subproject 7

Pathogenetic mechanisms in autoimmunity induced by deregulated zytosolic nucleic-acid recognitionRead More

Subproject T

Technology platform for fluorescence correlation spectroscopyRead More

Subproject Z

Central management, structured scientific training and doctoral program for medical studentsRead More