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RoboticScope in Dresden
14. October 2020

RoboticScope in Dresden

Today, representatives of BHS Technologies GmbH, inventors of the RoboticScope®, joined surgeons of the Dresden ORL-HNS in the operating theater. The world’s first robotic microscope comprises a highly accurate industrial robot arm, digital 3D optics and imaging software, and – most crucially – a novel hands-free navigation system. The head-mounted display recognizes the head movements of the surgeon and changes the position of the 3D camera accordingly. This allows for a highly intuitive navigation of the microscope’s field of vision while keeping both the surgeon’s hands on the patient. Using the RoboticScope®, the surgical team successfully performed a Cochlear Implant surgery.

„This is a real breakthrough in the handling of visualization during surgery”, says Prof. Marcus Neudert, “We are thrilled to be a part of this development and look forward to working with BHS in the future.”