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The NCT/UCC-ECTU is an independent department dedicated for early phase clinical trials. It offers 2 rooms for in-patient treatment equipped with 1 to 2 intensive care beds, comprehensive intensive care monitoring systems, private bathrooms, newspaper-, WLAN- and cable-TV-service. For maximum safety these rooms are located within a fully equipped intensive care unit offering 24 hour / 7 day on-site physician and specialist nursing service. Access to the ECTU is electronically controlled and restricted to authorized personnel. All medical staff is regularly trained in basic and advanced life support.

A team of GCP-trained, trial experienced physicians and specialized study nurses guarantee study conduct in accordance with national and international law as well as sponsor preferences. Synchronized clocks are installed in all rooms ensuring accurate timing of dosing and pharmacokinetic sampling. Special rooms are dedicated for the safe storage of investigational products and biologic specimen (at room temperature as well as at 4°C, -20°C and -80°C). All fridges and freezers are connected to a central surveillance system. For the work of monitors and auditors we offer dedicated rooms equipped with computers, printers and wireless internet connection.

The NCT/UCC-ECTU has privileged access to the treatment facilities of the outpatient departments for oncology as well as hematology which are located only a few meters away. These facilities are also equipped with cardiovascular monitoring systems and covered by the hospitals’ emergency service. A 24 hour / 7 day emergency hotline guarantees rapid assistance for ambulatory patients in need.