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Forschungsbereich: Neurobiologie Psychischer Störungen


Research statement

The comprehensive characterization of the neurobiology underlying psychiatric disorders remains challenging. Genetic risk variants in combination with environmental factors are thought to interfere with brain development and consequently manifest as deviations at different levels of neurobiological integrity. However, the mechanisms by which these systems interact in producing the delayed onset of disease- specific and comprehensive symptoms remain largely unknown. This is also reflected in limitations of available treatment strategies often associated with poor symptom alleviation, treatment resistance and side effects.

We use rodent models of psychopathology and neuromodulatory strategies to gain mechanistic insights into disease specific neuropathology and offer a platform to evaluate new treatment strategies, with a primary focus on preventive interventions. Within the clinical setting we additionally aim to combine basic research in humans with approaches in rodent models. We apply methods from various scientific fields such as behavior, molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), pharmacotherapy and electrophysiology.

The section comprises the following research groups:

Neurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders

Associated research group: Experimentelle Psychiatrie, Charité Berlin