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Optimizing light conditions for intraoperative Raman spectroscopy of brain tumors

NCT - Experimental Operating Theatre

Raman spectroscopy is an analytical method for gathering valuable information about tissue and therefore to diagnose and characterize various cancer types by acquiring a Raman spectrum that represents a “biological fingerprint”.

Moreover, the technique might be employed for intraoperative brain tumor delineation. This approach is currently tested in brain tumor surgeries in UKD. However, as an optical method, light of different wavelengths and from various sources such as microscopy light, room and daylight as well as infrared signals of the neuronavigation result in serious artifacts.

In this proposed project, we therefore want to set up a best medical practice workflow for optimization of lighting conditions in the OR during Raman spectroscopy. Ultimately, this project should result in a guideline for surgeons to which degree OR lights can be tolerated for intraoperative Raman spectroscopy whilst assuring precise measurement positions and patient safety at the same time.