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BrainAce: In vivo brain tumor diagnostics by adaptive computational lensless fiber endoscopy

gefördert durch EKFZ Digital Health (2022-2023)

Intraoperative diagnosis would largely improve clinical management and treatment of patients undergoing stereotactic biopsies of brain tumors.

We aim to develop and test a prototype of a novel tiny endoscope that probes autofluorescence of brain tissue and allows optical biopsies in situ.

In the project, we will research the spectral characteristics of brain tumor fluorescence and miniaturize an endoscopic system while preserving high optical properties. This is achieved by implementation of recent advances in computational optics and programmable light. The development of tissue classification and strategies for integration of AI-supported diagnosis into the clinical workflow will allow successful translation. Moreover, the research may pave the way for future automated brain tumor diagnosis and tumor removal by laser ablation.