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Gene Engineering Facility

Gene Engineering Facility

Retroviral and lentiviral transduction systems have evolved as the most efficient method to stably express transgenes, miRNAs and shRNAs. For exclusively academic research projects of the UKD, HZDR and Partners of Dresden Concept we support scientists with our biosafety S2 facility and our expertise for generation of retro- or lentiviral particles and transduction of permanent cell lines and primary cells.

We offer:

    • retroviral and lentiviral packaging
    • transduction of permanent and primary cells
    • vector design and generation (retro- and lentiviral vectors)
    • cell line service (cryovials of genetically modified cell lines)

The Gene Engineering Facility provides academic research support for scientists of the Medical Faculty and for scientists of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus on a cost basis for personnel and consumables.

For further information, please contact

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Legal and ethical issues concerning the use of material from patients or healthy donors must be approved by the local ethical committee or the Sächsisches Staatsminsterium für Energie, Klimaschutz, Umwelt und Landwirtschaft.