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Ex vivo expanded NKG2C+/CD25+ memory-like natural killer cells for tumor immuntherapy (CAReNK-AID)

Federal Ministry of Education and Research – BMBF and SaxoCell

Natural killer (NK) cells are considered the next wave of cellular immunotherapy for tumors. Unlike T cells, NK cells can be transplanted across HLA barriers, making them universally applicable. They also have the intrinsic ability to recognize and kill virus-infected somatic cells and cancer cells. The use of NK cells is limited by the low frequency in donor blood and insufficient proliferation of NK cells in the laboratory. Therefore, the aim of this research project is to establish a standardized GMP procedure for the generation and research of NKG2C+/CD25+ memory-like NK cells for cancer immunotherapy on a clinical scale and their preclinical validation. For this purpose, a novel NK cell expansion system based on artificial feeder cells is used, which allows the large-scale expansion of NK cells. These feeder cells are considered as raw material in the NK cell production process and are tested in detail for safety and quality according to regulatory requirements. In the NK4Therapy project, the cytotoxic efficiency of NKG2C+/CD25+ memory-like NK cells against hematological and solid tumors is also being investigated in detail in preclinical in vitro and in vivo models and prepared for clinical translation.

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