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3rd Dresden International Symposium on Therapeutic Apheresis

13.03.2014 um 09:00 bis 15.03.2014 um 18:00
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Dear colleagues,

in March 2014, the 3rd Dresden International Symposium on Therapeutic Apheresis will take place. Extracorporeal methods have opened novel options for severely ill patients with various

The agenda of this symposium will focus on recent developments in lipoprotein apheresis, the
overall treatment of lipid disorders and on news from the field of immunoadsorption therapy in
antibody-mediated diseases and transplantation. Accordingly, the symposium will bring together
physicians specialised in lipid disorders, in transfusion medicine, and in apheresis procedures,
cardiologists, nephrologists, haematologists, and rheumatologists.

New developments in Lipidology will be the topic of a special meeting held in German language
in the afternoon of Friday, March 14, 2014. General practitioners are especially invited to take part in
this meeting. CME points will be applied for.

We hope that the lectures by prominent invited speakers from Germany and from abroad
will spark lively discussions and provide a comprehensive overview on the development of
these extracorporeal methods. For this occasion, it is a pleasure to invite you to the beautiful city
of Dresden. The meeting venue will be within  the University Hospital Campus in Dresden, a few
minutes from the historic city center.

We hope to see you in Dresden next year, and would ask you to fax the enclosed form or email
to in order to enable us to send you further information.

With best regards
Ulrich Julius, MD                     Bernd Hohenstein, MD