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neurometabolismus.jpgThe research group of Neuro-Metabolism headed by Dr. Tjalf Ziemssen was founded in 2008 as cooperation initiative between the Department of Neurology (Head: Prof. Dr. H. Reichmann) and the Department of Internal Medicine III (Head: Prof. Dr. S. R. Bornstein) of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus. The work of the research group is directed at the autonomic nervous and cardiovascular systems and their role in a diverse range of clinical disorders with emphasis on dysmetabolic disease pre-stages and manifest endocrine disorders. Being the core unit of the research group the Autonomic and neuroendocrine laboratory (ANF) Dresden provides the mainstay analytical techniques for the non-invasive assessment of the function of the autonomous nervous system and of the cardiovascular system. The research group is closely linked to the division of Neurochemistry headed by Prof. Dr. Graeme Eisenhofer, a leading expert in adrenal catecholamine metabolism. His laboratory provides a diagnostic platform for HLPC catecholamine measurements in a variety of biological samples.