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Rare diseases

Welcome to the University Centre for Rare Diseases of the University Hospital Dresden

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The University Centre for Rare Diseases (USE) at Dresden University Hospital has set itself the task of pooling medical expertise across disciplines and making it available to patients with rare diseases in order to shorten the path to the right diagnosis, ensure competent counselling and offer access to the best possible therapies.

A disease is considered rare if it affects less than 5 out of 10,000 people. Based on about 8,000 rare diseases, an estimated 4 million people in Germany alone are affected by such a disease. Rare diseases are usually very diverse and complex and are therefore still often not recognised in time and treated adequately.

At the University Centre for Rare Diseases, doctors, non-medical staff and scientists from different clinics and institutes work closely together to provide specialised and coordinated diagnosis and care for children and adults with rare diseases. In specialist and interdisciplinary case conferences, patients with both an unclear diagnosis and a known diagnosis are discussed in order to initiate adequate medical care. The centres involved in the University Centre for Rare Diseases are also active in research to better understand disease mechanisms and to be able to offer patients with rare diseases innovative diagnostics and therapy in the future. For this purpose, four focus areas were initially defined at the University Centre for Rare Diseases, in which diagnosis, therapy and research are closely linked. The USE is also active in other specialist areas and works closely with the other centres for rare diseases in Germany as well as many patient organisations and self-help groups.

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