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Welcome to the University Center for Chronic Immunodeficiencies (UCID)!

The immune system is one of the most crucial organs in our body. Dysregulation of the immune system can manifest in various ways, such as increased susceptibility to infections, autoimmune diseases, autoinflammation, or swollen lymph glands.

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The UCID specializes in the detection and diagnosis of immune disorders, particularly in childhood and adolescence. We provide interdisciplinary care for patients with congenital and acquired immunodeficiencies.

 Our center is one of the B-centers of the University Center for Rare Diseases DresdenWe are also closely connected with the patient organization DSAI, as well as national (API, GKJR) and international (ESID, EBMT) societies for immune disorders.


For questions or further information, please feel free to contact us via or have your treating medical specialist get in touch with us.


Application and Appointment

Before applying for our consultation, we would ask you to consult with your treating medical specialist. Additionally, please send us a letter of referral from your specialist (Muster 6) and the completed medical history forms (see the link below) for an appointment in our clinic.

After a thorough evaluation of your documents, we will determine whether a consultation at our center would be beneficial for you. If so, we will inform you of the appointment either by mail or email. Please note that we do not offer direct appointment scheduling via phone or via email.


Current Information