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SFB-Seminare 2015

  • Ort:  Auditorium 2, MTZ, Fiedlerstraße 42, 01307 Dresden
    (wenn kein anderer Ort angegeben ist)
  • Zeit:    16:00 - 17:30 h



2. Februar 2015 Guestspeaker: Ralf Bargou, Universitätsklinikum Würzburg
Title: The Blinatumumab-Story - 20 years from Bench to Bedside
9. März 2015

Guestspeaker: Brian Link, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA

Title: Dynamic polarization of recycling endosomes facilitates signaling asymmetry among retinal neuroepithelia and impacts neurogenesis

15. April 2015, 13.30 Uhr Guestspeaker: Hartmut Geiger, Universität Ulm 
Title: Stem Cells, Aging and Rejuvenation: a story of division
18. Mai 2015, 15.30 Uhr Guestspeaker: Reinhard Stauder, Universitätsklinikum Innsbruck, Austria

Title: The integration of geriatric assessements into individualized therapy planning for haematological neoplasia

05. Oktober 2015

Guestspeaker: Rebekka K. Schneider-Kramann, Brigham and Women´s Hospital Harvard Medical School

Title: Dissecting the mechanisms of clonal dominance and differentiation defect in del(5q) myelodysplastic syndrome to selectively target disease hematopoietic stem cells

30. November 2015  
Guestspeaker: Barbara Walzog, Klinikum der Universität München
Title: Integrin Signaling and Neutrophil Trafficking in Innate Immunity



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