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B9: SFB-relevante Publikationen

  • Waskow C, Liu K, Darrasse-Jeze G, Guermonprez P, Ginhoux F, Merad M, Shengelia T, Yao K, and Nussenzweig M (2008): The receptor tyrosine kinase Flt3 is required for dendritic cell development in peripheral lymphoid tissues. Nat Immunol 9, 676-683.
  • Liu K, Waskow C, Liu X, Yao K, Hoh J, and Nussenzweig M (2007): Origin of dendritic cells in peripheral lymphoid organs of mice. Nat Immunol 8, 578-583.
  • Waskow C, Bartels S, Schlenner SM, Costa C, and Rodewald HR (2007): Kit is essential for PMA-inflammation-induced mast-cell accumulatio
  • Waskow C, Madan V, Bartels S, Costa C, Blasig R, Rodewald HR (2009): Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation without irradiation. Nat Methods 6, 267-9.
  • n in the skin. Blood 109, 5363-5370.
  • Terszowski G, Waskow C, Conradt P, Lenze D, Koenigsmann J, Carstanjen D, Horak I, and Rodewald HR (2005): Prospective isolation and global gene expression analysis of the erythrocyte colony-forming unit (CFU-E). Blood 105, 1937-1945.
  • Waskow C, Terszowski G, Costa C, Gassmann M, and Rodewald HR (2004): Rescue of lethal c-KitW/W mice by erythropoietin. Blood 104, 1688-1695.
  • Agosti V, Corbacioglu S, Ehlers I, Waskow C, Sommer G, Berrozpe G, Kissel H, Tucker CM, Manova K, Moore MA, Rodewald HR, and Besmer P (2004): Critical Role for Kit-mediated Src Kinase But Not PI 3-Kinase Signaling in Pro T and Pro B Cell Development. J Exp Med 199, 867-878.
  • Waskow C, Paul S, Haller C, Gassmann M, and Rodewald H (2002): Viable c-Kit(W/W) mutants reveal pivotal role for c-kit in the maintenance of lymphopoiesis. Immunity 17, 277-288.
  • Rodewald HR, Waskow C, and Haller C (2001): Essential requirement for c-kit and common gamma chain in thymocyte development cannot be overruled by enforced expression of Bcl-2. J Exp Med 193, 1431-1437.
  • Rodewald HR, Ogawa M, Haller C, Waskow C, and DiSanto JP (1997): Pro-thymocyte expansion by c-kit and the common cytokine receptor gamma chain is essential for repertoire formation. Immunity 6, 265-272.


Non peer-reviewed publications

  • Waskow C & Rodewald H-R (2002): gd T cell and natural killer cell development in adult mice lacking c-Kit. Adv Exp Med Biol, 512, 1-10.


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