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  • Arndt C, Feldmann A, Koristka S, Michalk I, Cartellieri M, Stamova S, von Bonin M, Bornhäuser M, Ehninger G, Bachmann M (2011). Redirection of immune effector cells by bispecific antibody systems for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. Blood 118, 663-664 (abstract).
  • Feldmann A, Arndt C, Töpfer K, Stamova S, Krone F, Cartellieri M, Koristka S, Michalk I, Lindemann D, Schmitz M, Temme A, Bornhäuser M, Ehninger G, Bachmann, M (2012). Novel humanized and highly efficient bispecific antibodies mediate killing of prostate stem cell antigen-expressing tumor cells by CD8+ and CD4+ T Cells. J Immunol 189, 3249-59.
  • Feldmann A, Stamova S, Bippes C, Bartsch H, Wehner R, Schmitz M, Temme A, Cartellieri M, Bachmann M (2011). Redirection of T cells to Prostate Stem Cell Antigen expressing tumor cells: Comparison of different antibody formats. Prostate 71, 998-1011.
  • Kloss CC, Condomines M, Cartellieri M, Bachmann M, Sadelain M (2012): Combinatorial antigen-recognition with balanced signaling ensures selective tumor eradication by engineered T cells. Nature Biotechnology doi:10.1038/nbt.2459.
  • Koristka S,  Cartellieri M, Theil A, Feldmann A, Arndt C, Stamova S, Michalk I, Kretschmer K, Schmitz M, Bornhäuser M, Ehninger G, Bachmann M (2012). Retargeting of human regulatory T cells by single chain bispecific antibodies. J Immunol 188, 1551-1558.
  • Stamova S, Cartellieri M, Feldmann A, Bippes C, Bartsch H, Wehner R, Schmitz M, von Bonin M, Bornhäuser M, Ehninger G, Rieber EP, Bachmann M (2011). Novel bispecific antibody constructs for redirecting of T- and NK-cells to AML-Blasts. Leukemia 25, 1053-1056.
  • Stamova S, Feldmann A, Cartellieri M, Arndt C, Koristka S, Apel F, Wehner R, Schmitz M, Bornhäuser M, von Bonin M, Ehninger G, Bartsch H, and Bachmann M (2012b). Single-chain-bispecific anti-CD3-anti-CD33 GFP-fusion antibody constructs for in vivo analysis. Anal Biochem 423, 261-268.
  • Stamova S, Koristka S, Keil A, Arndt C, Feldmann A, Michalk I, Bartsch H, Bippes C, Schmitz M, Bachmann M (2012a). Cancer immunotherapy by retargeting of immune effector cells via recombinant bispecific antibody constructs. Antibodies 1, 172-198.


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